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Welcome, minions! I have gathered you to this ominous clearing in the middle of the internet as I search for new comics to create based on the 8th season of Friendship is Magic! This week's comic is based on The Mean 6. ...I'm just gonna call it; this is my favorite episode of the season so far. It was great seeing the personas of the Elements of Disharmony again in a new format, and all the interactions and confusion between the two parties with neither ever realizing the other's there is just such a glorious mess to behold. Discord would be proud of all the unintentional chaos the bug queen created, and I can't wait to see what she's got planned for her next attack!

Normally I might break out the chibis for a crowded group shot like the first panel, but I wanted to practice the new art style more. I still have a few kinks to work out, but I feel like I'm on the right track with this one. I love seeing Discord and Chrysalis next to each other just due to the drastic contrast between their designs and characters (dark and edgy vs. colorful and goofy). Also, remind me to never draw Discord and Chrysalis together in the same comic again; if there's one thing they DO have in common, it's that they're both obnoxious to draw.

The show may be taking a break between semesters, but I don't plan on going anywhere. I've got a few comic ideas I can produce during the hiatus, and I also plan on joining Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds again once that comes around, so if you'd like to stick around and see what else I have to offer, I'd appreciate it.

Hope you... don't get turned to wood by a magic tree, I guess? Looking forward to the rest of the season!

The Mane/Mean Six, Queen Chrysalis, Discord, and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro and DHX.
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That episode is giving me too much confusion