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11 Roc of Ages

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You are a brony on DeviantArt. You are overcome with a desire to see new fan-content based on the most recent episode of Friendship is Magic. For some reason, you find yourself in MY gallery. Fortunately, I've been making new comics for each episode this season! Now retrieve your hooves and check out what I have to offer!

This week's comic is based on Molt Down. Yeah... if it wasn't obvious enough yet, I am a really big fan of Moonstuck. The humor, adventure, characters, art, and sense of interaction of Egophiliac's classic blog/story makes it my favorite work produced by this fandom even today. So I got pretty excited when Smolder started talking about rocs, which were a prominent part of Moonstuck a good 6 years before being incorporated into the actual show. Of course, the rocs in Moonstuck were depicted as beings of indescribable power that eat all manner of (sweet)meats, whereas the show roc was pretty much just a giant version of the eagle that terrorized the Apple family in Pinkie Apple Pie. I don't think it's an INaccurate depiction of the mythological creature, but the Moonstuck ones were still cooler. Making this comic, particularly the last panel, was the most harrowing task I've yet given myself for these comics, and I hope I did Ego's art style justice.

So Spike has wings now! That's... a big deal, isn't it? It's like Spike's equivalent of the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting their cutie marks, except with the CMC, it was accompanied by a grand task with life-changing consequences and a series of wonderful musical numbers. Same thing happened when TWILIGHT suddenly grew wings. With Spike... it just kinda happened. I didn't feel like this episode was really given any special treatment considering what happens in it; Spike just gets itchy for a while and then fights a bird. I guess that last part's more than Spike usually does, and they were going for an episode about puberty rather than promoting one's role in life through a significant action like the other two, but was it really too much to ask for ONE song commemorating the occasion? Whatever; I still enjoyed the episode. It was a little weird and all over the place, but still enjoyable.

I'm gonna be out of state for a little while starting a few days from now to attend a cousin's graduation ceremony, so if next week's comic is a little late, well, that's why. Looking forward to the next episode!

Spike, Zecora, Princess Luna, and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro and DHX. Princess WOONA and Pebbl the Moon Roc belong to Egophiliac.
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Rocs are a mistake 😠