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Choose a word from this list that gives you inspiration! Submit a photo that portrays the word you chose! Either title your submission the word you chose, or include it in the description, any submission that does not follow these simple guidelines will be declined! Thank you!

fuliginous  (fyoo-LIJ-i-nous)  adj.  1. sooty. 2. dark; dusky.

chapfallen   (CHAP-faw-len)  adj.  dejected or dispirited.

lissome  (LIS-em)  adj.  1. easily bent; supple. 2. having the ability to move with ease; limber.

youngling (YUNG-ling)  n.  a young person, animal, or plant.

zaftig (ZAF-tig)  n.  1. full-bosomed. 2. having a full shapely figure.

empyreal   (em-PIR-ee-el)  adj.  1. relating to the highest heaven, believed to contain pure light or fire. 2. relating to the sky; celestial. 3. sublime; elevated.

hemophobia  (hee-mah-FOE-bee-ah)  n.  an abnormal fear of blood.

abditory  (AB-di-tor-ee)  n.  a place for hiding or preserving valuable items.

nummular (NUM-yah-lar)  adj.  shaped like a coin; oval or circular.

sweetmeat (SWEET-meet)  n.  a candy, confectionery, or sweet food often served at the end of a meal or with tea.

July Features:

Rufescent  Light by musumedesu BJD. Evynn by MagnusRayne Soporific by HajimeKou

Great job everyone! ^o^
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Amazing words! I'll see if I can give this a go! ^^