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Hi i don't know if you would be interested by my last artwork of a BJD
it is very pretty, but this group is for photography only~ Thanks! :)
Would the head fit on the body and look OK? =/
Along with what Pikko said -

Obitsus and BJDs can hybridize, I'm just not sure how it's done? I've seen - I believe - a Doll-Zone Megi girl on a 50cm Obitsu body, but I can't find any of her photos right now. So, in theory, yes? You'd have to do something about the neck mechanism and it should be fine.

That being said I am 100% that those heads are recasts (bootleg/illegal copies) and are not something you should be buying. Not only does the quality of those particular recasts look horrible, but owning a recast in this hobby is a death-sentence and incredibly harmful on the doll companies and community as a whole. If you are looking for a cheap BJD head to practice with, might I suggest the Doll-Family H practice heads? (Link is to MintonCard, an authorized dealer for Doll-Family and many other companies.) My neighbor has one of the MSD heads and he's pretty cute~

You might also consider looking into Luts Event Heads, as those can be very cheap to buy secondhand and very cute! (I love all four of mine.) Many companies offer affordable heads, and you can always browse the second-hand market to find even better deals.
Thanks for the help =) I'm stupidly poor and I'm just looking for the cheapest so my family doesn't freak xD
Believe me, I get that. I've saved up pennies to buy my dolls and it's not always easy. (I was 16 when I first got into the hobby and bought my own dolls myself.) If your heart isn't set on the Obitsu body, might I suggest looking into Resinsoul? There are loads of absolutely beautiful Resinsoul dolls that you can get in a large selection of colors C: (And they'll do custom colors too!) I've got three different MSDs in my house right now from them that were $100 or less C: The larger SD dolls are very affordable too, and again, if buying second-hand doesn't bother you you can usually find a lot of different ones for sale in a lot of different places.
I'm not to familiar with Obitsu dolls, so i'm not sure how the head would attach on that body since they have a internal skeleton system. I'm sorry, I wish I could be of more help!!