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Hi everyone! Here are the group rules, and as you can see, they are not very limiting:

▲ We want to see your doll characters, which have to be mystical/fantasy/extraordinary in some way. For that your doll does not need to have fantasy parts or big ears (although those are great as well), it simply has to have an appropriate personality/story/background, etc. If you are not sure please check out our Featured folder.

▲ We encourage you to introduce your characters, when you first submit a photo here (it's not compulsory, however). You don't have to write tons, and you can also put a link in the artist's comments to your doll's character profile/text/any additional info, which may be appropriate to the focus of this group.

▲ We will also accept photos which are conceptual, but they have to be non-casual and atmospheric.

▲ If your doll looks casual, but has a personality/background/story that fits the focus of this group, please introduce your character in the artists comments (or put the relevant link in).
If you don't do this, we will have to decline your photo, because we cannot otherwise tell, if your photo fits in this group.

▼ You can also share the stories you write about your dolls here! Please submit them to the 'Literature' folder. You can also submit your doll meme's and profiles to the same folder. Please include a link in the artists comments to your doll's gallery/photo here on DA.

▼ We all love feedback, so please, do not be afraid to communicate and to ask questions about characters that interest you. I'm sure the authors will appreciate this also. After all, one of the purposes of this group is to socialise and talk about something that is important to you.

▼ Non-format dolls - Monster High and anime are accepted, but they have to fit the focus of the group

♠ Photography Standards ♠

▲ You don't have to be a professional to submit your photos here. We want to keep a medium-quality standard, so that more people can participate in this group, if they are interested.


▲ The subject of your photo has to be clearly visible.

▲ Since this group is all about characters, please aim for your doll looking more or less complete, both with head and body (unless you cannot see that there is only a head or the photo looks conceptual)

▲ Your photo should not contain any distracting elements in it, such as mess on the background, inappropriate objects in focus, etc.

▲ By all means, we allow nudity within the framework of this group.

▲ Please submit your work to the correct folder! Featured folder is reserved for most interesting photos (decided by admin vote).

Most importantly, please, have fun! ♥








I was thinking of including thematic dolls such as anime figurines and Monster High within this group, as long as they fit the general fantasy/sci-fi profile.
Any objections?
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Hello, I'm unsure of where else I can put this, but I am selling a Asleep Eidolon Coral for $200. (Willing to haggle)
She comes with full face up (eyelashes included) Full outfit, wig, 4 sets of eyes and cetificate of authecity.

You can find more info here;…
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SaniAru Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone possibly interested in a romance or friendship based RP ? I am looking to get better at my doll photography and my writing skills as I have been out of the loop so to speak for a few years and I used to write daily.

I'm looking for someone who would like to grow their skills together and learn from each other, be good friends with and share some ideas as I have no close friends in this hobby.

I would really love to create a story and character , I thought perhaps we could do photostories together , or write ,  maybe exchange little gifts or snail mail here or there. I would love to do something fantasy or sci fi based and where we could always change the story at any point in time or make changes to our doll /characters or do AU verses and basically be open to that. : ] I would like to start from scratch and come up with ideas together, maybe even turn it into its own epic saga! LOL. I'm a multi paragraph based roleplayer however I do have a tendency to adapt to people's preferred style and pace not looking for novella currently as I would like something fun and relaxed. 

I want to create a world where we are both extremely interested in it. One where we want to continue and not get bored of, but if either of us gets busy we can stop and continue at any time or start again with something new~ 

You don't have to have a 'perfect looking doll' or be the best photographer, or even the best roleplay, though I would enjoy having some literacy mostly what I am looking for is interest. 

I wouldn't mind 18+ situations, yaoi or yuri, straight , friendships, bromances, apocalyptic type settings, dark settings, fantasy worlds, magical girl or anime inspired ideas, every day life...sci fi.. pretty much open to most things as long as it doesn't involve extremely kinky scenarios or creepy fetishes and you are willing to add something to the story and not have me do everything (you must have some sort of interest). Overall I think this would be really fun! I would be interested in multiples joining in too. Essentially I plan to create a whole new doll / character for this and I think it would be fun to start from the ground up together. 

It would be really cool ! Anyway please feel free to note me if you come upon this in the future and feel interested let me know what your ground rules are and what you are looking for or any ideas you might have RP wise, story wise and character wise. 
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