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Welcome to the Echelon!

ech·e·lon [esh-uh-lon]
a level of ranking. the top in something.

*PLEASE NOTE* - We do not mean the Echelon terminology in a matter of militant issue, but just meaning the top of something. We also do not mean it in an elitist matter. We mean it as we all feel that our own dollies are awesome and the bees knees (or "the tops")! We are sorry for any confusion this might have caused, as this has recently been brought to our attention.

:star:Our Mission:star:
:bulletpink: To promote active participation and a warm welcoming environment, for BJD lovers of all types.

:bulletpink: We have open joining. All you need to do is click the join button located at the top.

:star:General Group Rules:star:
:bulletpink: You do not need to own a BJD to be a member. Please feel free to join our group even if you're only a fan of BJD photography. Here at the Echelon, we welcome artists and watchers alike.
:bulletpink: Be courteous to others.
:bulletpink: Please no drama, spamming, or fighting.
:bulletpink: Have fun and enjoy your stay here at the Echelon!

:star:Submitting Rules:star:
:bulletpink: You must be a member to submit to our club.
:bulletpink: (Currently) 2 deviations are allowed per folder, per day. The amount is subject to change under circumstances. Members will be made aware if a change is made.
:bulletpink: We currently have auto-acceptance but please submit to the correct folders, or you risk your deviation being removed (and a note sent) and multiple offenses may result in your removal from the group entirely.
:bulletpink: We do allow mature content. Please be sure your deviation is placed into the gallery folder labeled "Mature". Only artistically nude or suggestive BJD photography will go here, nothing crass or very explicit.
:bulletpink: Submit YOUR OWN work! Plagiarism is not permitted.
:bulletpink: Please only submit your BEST work to the group. You do not need to be a professional photographer, but it would be nice if the picture is at least an attempt to be more than a snapshot.
:bulletpink: Photos with overly cluttered backgrounds (messy human rooms in background etc) will be removed from photo galleries and a note sent. Please try to submit your BEST work!
:bulletpink: The faceup/blushing/mods and clothing/craft folders are exempt from "best work" photo status as they are to showcase a trade and not convey an idea or concept. But, please remember...the better quality the photo, the more people will be able to see your work! Please try to keep backgrounds uncluttered and the scenery minimal. It may be hard for a viewer to enjoy a faceup or sewing project if the doll is on a messy bed in a cluttered room.
:bulletpink: Please submit only 2 photos from a particular shoot! Our folders are set to 2 per day, this doesn't mean you may submit 2 of the set today and 2 of the same set tomorrow! If all of your submissions look too much alike, we will choose the ones we like best and remove the others. This includes; many photos with the same poses but different angles, many photos with the same background and not much diversity, etc.
:bulletpink: Spontaneous snapshots and poor quality photos will be removed from galleries. Photos that are too blurry, grainy, light/dark, may also be removed (if is is intentional that is fine, but it must be easily recognized as intentional).
:bulletpink: Photos that have added textures or small manipulations are allowed as long as a BJD is still seen well enough in the picture. Heavy photo manipulations however, are not allowed if focus is removed from the doll itself.
:bulletpink: If you do not follow the submission rules, we have the right to deny/move/remove your deviation/s from the club.
:bulletpink: If you do not follow the rules, or if you cause trouble, we have the right to remove you and your deviations from the club.

:star: Other Important Infomation :star:
:bulletpink: Failure to follow the rules can result in the removal of you or your deviations from the group!
:bulletpink: We update many times a week and sometimes many times a day. If the constant updates are a bother, then you can turn off journals/deviations/etc for the club in your friends/watch options.
:bulletpink: If at any time you put a deviation in storage that's submitted to our group, please know it will be removed. When you decide to remove it from storage though, you are always welcome to resubmit it!
:bulletpink: If you decide to leave the group please know that non-members aren't allowed deviations within our group, so your pictures will be removed if we notice it.


Please feel free to recruit as many new members as possible!
The group is fixed so that anyone may join.
Please tell everyone about our group and try to pull in some new members.

A good way to spread word of our club is to put our icon on your profile,
in your signature, or in your journal.

Help us make BJD-Echelon an even bigger community!


We ARE accepting affiliates right now.
If you know of a group that you think we should
affiliate with, please note the group and let us know!
We would most like to affiliate with other groups dealing with BJD photography.


Thank you all!
- LucidRequiem
Okay guys so a few of you have contacted me to let me know that group submissions weren't working. They were auto-expiring and I couldn't even see that we had submissions. I thought I fixed the problem once but apparently I did not as it was brought to my attention once more. So as of now everything should (hopefully) be back up and running smoothly and also auto-accepting your deviations so you no longer have to wait for photo approval. Please send submissions to the group again and please drop a comment of feedback here to let me know if everything goes through correctly for you now!

Thank you all!
- LucidRequiem

** More information on what was going on with submissions below! **

Hello everyone, just more info with what's been going on so everyone can know how we got to the issue we had. My life has been a bit sporadic in the last couple years and sometimes I go weeks without being able to jump on and devote time to submissions. You all may recall any number of periods this has happened in which I've had to re-request the expired submissions with many apologies once I have jumped back on. I posted several times in the past to see if anyone would be willing to come on as admin, someone who might be able to be here regularly, but there was never any interest. I recently have taken an on call job that has caused even more strain to my admin schedule. Because of this I have been trying to fiddle with the group settings in my downtime because between DA being weird (expiring submissions that had only been submitted a few hours or a day past while others could sit in cue a week or two before expiring) and the fact my admin schedule isn't very regular right now...the old submission way doesn't work well for the group or for myself.

What I've been trying to do is to set up the group to auto-accept all deviations sent in, that way on my days off when I do have some time, I can just go in and make sure the content and folders are correct and move them around if they aren't. It would make my work load a lot easier, and it would make sure members don't have to wait for ages until I get on to see their stuff in our gallery, and submissions wouldn't be expiring at random times either. I tried to set everything to auto-accept and somewhere in the process I messed up and it wasn't accepting anything. No matter what changes I made after the initial change, they either auto declined everything or they didn't even send the group admins (which is just me) something to vote on at all meaning they sat in an unseen cue and just expired.

Anytime that I've messed with the settings I've been in a bit of a work haze (I've been going to work on about 1-2 hrs of sleep per night for about 2 months), but I could not figure out what I might have done. I messaged a friend via Facebook who used to use DA regularly and ran a couple groups before she quit last year and through screenshots and a lot of patience with me, she figured out the problem! It sadly was basically one thing I had accidentally checked in my first pass through that caused it and I had not caught it after, but thankfully she did.

Everything SHOULD be fixed now (unless I've flubbed up something else that neither of us caught again which is possible) and everything should be auto-accepting your submissions. Please SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! And let me know via the comments here (or PM if you prefer) if everything is going smoothly and accepting your submissions, or if you are experience more hiccups. I want to make sure nothing needs quadruple checked!

:star: Rules still apply and all folders are set to 2 submissions per day. I will still be periodically checking to make sure the submissions are in the correct folders, follow the submissions rules, and etc. so please be mindful! I will mail if I find any mistakes (I understand they can happen) but multiple offenses may result in banning (as has always been the case)!
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PepstarsWorld Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
All of my submissions are expiring. Is anyone there?
LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Edited Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I wrote a longer reply but decided to move the lengthy reply to a journal so all our members may benefit from the info! 

In the journal post is a short message explaining that submissions *should* be back up and running and now auto-accepting the submissions...but that I would love some feedback from people submitting to make sure there are no more problems! I had a hiccup in trying to set it to auto-accept and so it wasn't showing up that I had any submissions to even accept. There is a longer message underneath it that explains the entire situation for the people interested in knowing more about what was going on!

Thank you so much for sending me a message to let me know the issue still wasn't fixed or I might not have known! Please let me know if you have any issues submitting now!
PepstarsWorld Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! Looks like it's working now :)
LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Yay! Thank you so much! If you run into anymore
problems feel free to comment or send a PM over to me either
one! Thank you fo much for letting me know so I could check
into it again and get it fixed right!
Tiriaq Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
You put the mature folder on the last spot on the 2nd page... ya sure you wantz us in there?
LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I put the mature folder on the last page because I have had some members mailing recently about any possible way to keep it more hidden (as we do have some members who aren't into the whole mature BJD pics thing...our group is equal opportunity on that front and always has been so I try to make both sides comfortable as possible in the matter). There really isn't a way to keep the deviations from showing up in the recently added when I do a round of acceptances so the only compromise I can offer is to put it to the second page in the gallery that way members not wishing to see mature BJD related things, but still wishing to peruse our gallery may do so in comfort. This wouldn't even be possible if we had any less folders because as it is we only have enough to push one folder to page 2. - BUT I will say, before we starting adding folders, the Mature folder was ALWAYS supposed to be the last folder in the gallery that way people could just not scroll to the main bottom if they wished to not see it. But then we added the crafting folder...then later blushing and faceups...and then memes...etc. And we had been sort of lazy with rearranging to how we said it would be in the first place.

Not really sure why our club rearranging a gallery is something you took as offensive though to yourself. We have almost 400 members and we aren't so petty that we do things to just cater to one, or to just pick out one person as a negative target. I had about 5 messages from people who have issues with seeing mature doll related content asking very politely was there any thing they could do (they meant in their own settings) or that we could do to make it not so in your face in our gallery. Some people (especially for people who have sexuality related problems or trauma) are sort of triggered by mature images of otherwise seemingly innocent pieces of resin so it bothers them to see it. Like I said, I understand both sides (I write erotica and also take more mature photos of my resin boys as well) and I try my best to make everyone feel comfortable and that was the only solution I could offer (moving the gallery to the main end) which was in a way the solution we always offered we just hadn't rearranged the gallery in a while (and it just used to be at the main end of page one instead of page 2 as we didn't use to have 2 pages of galleries). We hope you understand the decision and also that you do not take offence that people had mailed us questioning if we could do something with that. No one said anything rude at all in these notes, they were all very extremely polite (a few even saying that they understood if we couldn't/wouldn't do anything in the matter but as I said, I try to be fair to both sides of the coin) and no one mentioned usernames or anything at all. We have quite a few people who submit fairly regularly to the mature folder (I have a few in there myself I believe). 
Tiriaq Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice, that pretty clear. I already thought such thing but I guess I was a bit in a kicking mood also. When I finally have some more clothes I can do some non-nudies finally. I'm only on social security with the wrong hobby so I need to pick of the cheap clothes and wait weeks and months before they finally drop in the mail but not with the luxury that I can just find a set on the same day so pieces of sets that I have in mind drop here and there.

The problem here has also been resolved that I was scrolling on every group page after page to find a mature folder because I can't remember which group has one or not and I've been given some mails in the past that I posted in the wrong spots, so just to be sure I scroll every folder and when I don't see a mature I can search if it has to go in 1/3 or just females etc.
What that came to is that I found out that I could just see the folders on the left side and not having to scroll through all the folders but that took a few weeks to see that because when I made that my way of doing things I didn't look any further. So apart from that my photos are not visible it is easier for me to just look at the left side and click a folder, besides had some other stuff going on but thanks for your kind explanation and see you in a few weeks when the stuff has arrived!
Nitjsenfi Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
Thank you for adding me Meow :3
LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for joining!
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