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Is this group active? If so I'm looking where to buy joints for dolls that would not cost to much like not 20 € (I kinda can buy all doll)
I'm bad at making it.
wow, haven't checked here in a while, sorry  about that.   You looking into creating your own doll? Part of the doll design is generally creating your own joint system as an artist/creator.  Proportions really vary so most joints would not be interchangeable so not much need for joints by themselves. I could look into putting up some joints on my 3d print shop if interested. Just let me know size and what type of joint.
It's totally fine. Yeah I like to create a kinda proper doll. I have 8 dolls and from them like 3 can stand by them own and there joins well.. I be silent about them (they are in my gallery at own art if you want see fail ^^")
So where you live? It be fail to me if I try to buy them  and the sending be big.
I live in the USA, Florida.
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Thank you for adding me to the group♥
Is concept art of your doll allowed? I am trying to make BJD heads but I am still in the early state xD 
YES! we do have a concept art gallery folder just for that purpose. Folders are now open to members.