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Tressecia (Tres) Vegs
Race: Tanreiss
Hair: Silvery White
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin-tone: Dark, Bronzed
Height: 5'10'' (178 cm)
Body Type: Athletic, Busty
Alignment: Neutral Good

Extraordinary Fighter. Energy Sword.

Energy Sword:
Her tribe were very close to an unknown source of energy, giving them the genetic ability to manifest a 'soul weapon'. It is not magic, but rather a representation of their psyche. The type of weapon determines what type of training they will endure. Tres' weapon is a two-handed sword, but she can wield it with one hand. Though, if she uses both hands with it, the weapon's strength and intensity increases. At it's highest level, the weapon can slice through almost anything. She can somewhat control the size of it, but it will still appear as a two-handed sword. Her control over it is such that she can slice an armored opponent cutting completely through the armor, but leaving the opponent unharmed. The sword radiates more brightly with it's intensity level. Because or this, Tres can use it as a light source in dark areas. Unbeknownst to her, the sword can protect her against psionic based attacks.

Flaws, weaknesses:
Impatient. Brash.

The last known survivor of her race. As a child her people where attacked and wiped out by an entity seeking power. Tres was saved by the elders, by being teleported away. Lost and alone, she drifts for a time. Eventually she comes to the academy where she joins the guard unit Flamberge. Her abilities of super strength and flight allow her to quickly rise through the ranks. She proves to be highly resourceful in stressful situations. The lead commander of Flamberge asks her to become a high rank combat instructor, a position which she gratefully accepts.

Her body is conditioned for combat, but still retains the appeal of a gorgeous female. Sometimes considered a coquette. Exhibits great leadership qualities. Quick thinker with equally quick reactions. Spontaneous. Rarely considers the consequences of her actions in the long run. Likes to get things done quickly so she can move on to the next thing. Enjoys a good fight that tests her strength. Easily agitated. Exhibits over-confidence most of the time, and for good reason.

Mervin is her job first and foremost. She was sent to collect him and bring him forward to the headmistress. It is unclear what the headmistress wants with him, but she will do as she is asked. Tres must reluctantly appease Mervin's requests in order for him to come with her, force is not an option. Many arguments arise on what should be done in various situations. She sees Mervin as keeping her away from home, and her duties. She doesn't dislike Mervin, she enjoys his company for the most part. She will even play around and tease him in fun. Usually addresses him by his first name.

Jastor was sent along with Tres to aid in locating Mervin. She knew Jastor was a student at the academy, but never actually conversed with him. Jastor is not in Flamberge so she had never crossed paths with him. She is still getting to know him, but knows him enough to be comfortable around him. She treats him as a student, but also a comrade, and partner in arms. She knows Jastor is highly intelligent and will confide in him on tactical situations. He may look evil, but she trusts him. He will usually try to calm Tres when she gets aggravated. Refers to him as Jastor.

When she first meets Trixie, she sees her as an obstacle keeping her from completing her mission. Trixie quickly begins to grow on Tres. Her carefree optimism seems to cut through Tres' stern demeanor. Tres treats Trixie as a student, but also accepts her as a friend. Trixie does some silly things and sometimes Tres will break out of her shell and join in the romp. Trixie brings out the child in Tres and makes her laugh. Addresses her as Trixie.

C: "Tres is snappy, impatient, rude and thinks she is the best thing walking."

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