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Planet Types

By bjbon14
The seven planets I've uploaded this month so far, with each planet having different environments.

1. Desert -…

2. Ice -…

3. Ocean -…

4. Volcanic -…

5. Forest -…

6. Swamp -…

7. Jungle -…

Side note: I just got accepted on my first job so I probably won't be making much planets in the following months. Nevertheless, I'll try to create and upload some during my free time!
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can you do make planet about food and drink planet????

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These planets bring 7 planets from Star Wars to mind: TOP ROW: Tatooine - Hoth - Kamino - Mustafar
BOTTOM ROW: Endor - Dagobah - Kashyyyk
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It is because these planets are all inspired by star war's planets! Although Tatooine looks much closer to this planet, Tuitan (heavily inspired by it), and Hoth looks closer to this, Loh.
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I really love pictures like this. I'm very much into worldbuilding and I love to see planetary comparisons.
Here are some I've had commissioned if you're curious………

GOD bless
John 3:16
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Thank so much! I'm glad you like it! =)
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I'm glad you made it! :)
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Great work!

Do you know how exactly a planet works that has no oceans but is still green? Is that possible?
Like endless wet swamps?
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I think it is possible as long as there is water present on the surface. The swamp planet I've made actually has a shallow ocean. =)
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What about mountains and plate tectonics, is it just like on earth?
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It actually depends on the planet. If the planet looks similar like Earth, then tectonic plates could exist. If it is like a dead planet like Mars or Venus, then it wouldn't experience any tectonic plates. You may also read this
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Ok it says plate tectonics might be rare. Earth seems to be really overly perfect for humans XD
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Good luck with the new job!
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