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Dragon Eye sketch

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By Bj83   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: September 5, 2010
© 2010 - 2019 Bj83
Finally made it from my head and dreams onto the "paper".

"Dragon Eyes" are three bigger black gems, surrounded each by 2 smaller ones.

These Gems are part of the Body of people with "dragon blood".

One of them allways stays above the heart, the other two are appearing depending of their use.

In "idle" mode there on the chest, resting and restoring there "power". When appearing on the arms the strengths is increased, simmiliar count for legs.
If they appear on the hands, claws, hard and sharp like swords appear. If they show up on trought and face, the wearer is able to breath fire. On the back they let appear floating wings :)
The last position is only interesting for the other gender, and wont be told now ;)

The "power" of the gems is not unlimited, it is used up with the time when its active. When there full there dark black/blue, when its nearly "empty" they turn grey.

The older the wielder is, the more power they can store, and the longer it takes to fill them up from empty to full.
Young wielder need to take a brake from about 1 day.

When the user takes Damage while the gems are in "actions" the gems take cracks. To restore them then, takes much more time, depending on the damage.

More Details and a final picture comes later :)

Critique on the sketch and the "idea" is welcome :)
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