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My boyfriend wanted me to draw snakes and I cba to add details so this is a rushed doodle.
Can you guess what species in this picture?

Artwork made by Bizzarasaurus
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Cobra, pit viper or eyelash viper, whip snake, python and shovel nosed snake or hognose... I can never remember which it is o3o probably got most of them wrong but they're so cute and awesome!
Im a massive snake lover :3
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You nearly got all of them right :D
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them are some noice snekkys 
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This is weirdly a e s t h e t i c
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aaw cute noodles and Im guessing cobra, hognose, python, eyelash viper and a whip snake.
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You're right on every species!
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Look at all the noodles!
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Ahh, beautiful sneks! I love the little red hoggie and the python
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The yellow one is a cobra, the blue one is a python (to be specific I want to say a green tree python?), the red one is a hognose, the purple one is a green vine snake (aka a long-nosed whip snake), & the pink one is a eyelash viper.
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Yis you're right on all snakes :D
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Beautiful danger noodles^^ Cobra, viper, boa, and the other two, maybe the red one is an anaconda?
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Thank you!!
You're right on the cobra and viper, the boa is the python anddd the red snake is a hognose snake
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Welcome^^ love snakes and all manner of reptile!
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A python, cobra, viper, hognose, and vine snek I think. They’re all cute tho.
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Yis you're right! 
Thank you :D
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I think the yellow one is a king cobra, the light purple one is a eyelash viper, and the blue one probably some type of python? :0
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Yis you're right! 
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