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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Let's have some fun! I saw this in a journal :iconwubcakeva: did, and it looked interesting. Of course I'm going to do Snowshine. :) Bear in mind Showshine has a slightly antiquated way of speaking. And while she's cute and little and probably the most copacetic Siren you'll meet.... she's still a Hippocampus and as a rule they are arrogant jerks. (And I'm being generous there!!)

So here is the character interview --

Use one or more of your OCs, maybe even add yourself if you please to take this interview test.

And here goes the questions:

-A. How old are you?

I have not yet reached my fifth year.

-B. Do you want a hug?


-C. Have any bad habits?

A frequent complaint from Adagio concerning my interactions with Mother. I am often accused of behaving more like a dirt-crawler pony than the young Siren that I am because I enjoy Mother holding me.

-D. You a virgin?


I am a pup, and have yet to reach reproductive maturity. /:|

And now Mother is choking on her drink....

-E. Have any children?

You should not ask questions whose answers you already possess. It's rude. And this was a rather stupid question to ask of me.

-F. Favorite food or drink?

Freshly killed meat, however my favorite part is the liver.

Aria and Mother insist I eat the other organs occasionally to ensure I get a balanced diet. It's my belief Aria just wants the liver to herself.

-G. Killed anyone?

I believe the answer to the previous question would indicate a firm Yes.

-H. What is your idea of a date?

In terms of a pleasant evening, a full belly surrounded by the warmth and protection of my family.

If you are referring to courtship rituals, Hippocampi do not date.

-I. Any artistic talents?

I sing.

-J. Love anyone?

A curious word, "love". It encompasses so many broad definitions and is used so casually and so frequently that it is almost rendered pointless. However, while Mother is not a Siren, she is good to me, and I enjoy both her attention and her company. There is certainly a fondness I possess for her.

-K. What is your job?

What a pointless question.

-L Favorite season & least favorite season

I enjoy all the season but for Winter. The landscape is colorless and bare, the weather cold and dark, the hunting poor, and the snow and ice make walking with my leg braces treacherous. I much prefer the warmth, color, and vibrant life that can be found in the other three seasons.

(Don't tell mother, but spring is the best season for hunting. Newborn kittens are so delicious!)

-M. Who's your best friend?

Hippocampi do not have friends. Friendship is a dirt crawler/pony concept. However, the pups from Adagio's Riot and the five adolescent human females Mother tutors are certainly considered allies.

-N. Hobbies?

At present my time is devoted to honing my vocal magic and observing the complex relationship between Indigo Zap and Sour Sweet as they both antagonize and brutally defend each other in equal measure. Aria believes they will end up killing one another one day. Sonata and I think Sunny Flare will eventually get fed up with their bickering and poison their vitamin water.

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Dinner, and then steal Lemon Zests headphones to drown out Duet's incessant laughter.

-P. What is your eye color?


-Q. Are you good? Or bad?

You ponies never fail to amuse and perplex my kind. How can a creature be good or bad? And by whose perspective are they being judged?

However, for the sake of the questionnaire...

Mother says I am good. Pony society says I am bad. I believe I am simply me.

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?

I would enjoy spending time with Sunny Flare. Mother does not approve, but I allow Sunny Flare to use my venom to experiment with poisons. She is quite skilled at it, and I appreciate her quiet intensity.

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?

My full name is Dal Segno Shine, however Mother shortened it to Snowshine and out of either laziness or necessity it stuck.  

-V. Any siblings?

I am the sole survivor from my clutch, however in a generous context the riot pups and Mothers pet humans could be considered my siblings.

-W. Where do you live?

With Mother, Adagio, and the rest of our odd family. Sometimes we live in a small house in the human world in a territory called Canterlot. Sometimes we live in a military guarded enclosing outside Ponyville dubbed Campitown where Mother and the Night Princess have created a school for us unorthodox pups to learn how to master the full potential of our vocal magics.

-X. Do you find yourself attractive?

We are creatures of sea, song, and savage majesty. Our natural beauty should go without saying.

-Y. Was this fun?

It is my hope that it would be enlightening.

-Z. Any last words?

I will bite you. Do not make me.


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