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Kali - Pkmnation

- Pokemon: Meditite
- Name: Kali
- Nickname: -
- Gender:  Female
- Type: Psychic/Fighting
- Ability: Pure Power
- Hatch Date: 06.22.2014

- Level: 100
- Started Base Attack: 5
- Current Base Attack: 25
- Blue Moves:
• :iconnormaltypeplz: Bide (starter)
• :iconpsychictypeplz: Calm Mind (Training Montage)
• :iconfightingtypeplz: Force Palm (Training Montage)
• :iconfightingtypeplz: Detect (Training Montage)

- Level Up Log:
• Reference Picture: 4 levels (Full body 2lvl + Shading 2lvl)
• Rare candy usage: 60 levels (6 rare candies)
• Level Up Image: 5 levels (Full body 2lvl + Shading 2lvl + Basic Background 1lv)
• Training Montage: 28 levels (x5 FB + x6 CS + x6 BB)
• Rare candy usage: 3 levels (1 rare candy)

- Breeding Status: Closed

• Starter



- Extra:
• Adamant : Somewhat vain
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Hello 'u' I was wondering if it would be possible to get a breeding in at any point with her. Should they be closed in general, I apologize for pestering uvu!
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Nah Kali will be open after I get a breeding in between her and my doublade Belus. I had hoped to get a clutch rolled today but it took me too long to get them both to lv 100 today. I'll hit you up next week and we can make plans then. Any idea of who you would want to breed with her?
garbagekeeper's avatar
Alright ;u;/! Thank you! Actually yes. I was hoping to breed my Spiritomb Sketches in hopes of getting 1-2 dark/ghost fusion Meditite. Syringe would be provided by me ;u;! If that all checks out for you, of course. 
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I wouldn't mind having a Spiritomb/Meditite cross if we manage to get one. That sounds fine to me.