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it's that time again

it's that time again

it's been so long since i've updated this journal.  it's actually been a while since i've been on DA.  sorry to everyone whose comments i've been replying to really late, it must be kind of weird seeing my reply weeks later. anyways, as you can probably guess, this is the official post saying that i'm going to take a break from DA.  if i have time i'll sneak back to check messages or something, but real life is getting insanely busy for now. on the plus side, all the issues i had with V5 have been resolved, so huzzah! and speaking of my last journal entry, Cree and Chad were in the same room together, whoo-hoo! XD  i never did get to make

stuff, plus KND!

stuff, plus KND!

i go away for a little over a week and everything is different!   change scares me!! i guess i don't hate V5, to be honest, speed-wise it's pretty much the same for me.  the only things that really bother me is first of all, whenever i hit the "reply" button on a deviation page, it jumps to the top of that page, so then i have to scroll down to actually reply.  annoying.  the second thing that peeves me is that i can't seem to make my favorites random.  the "Make My Favorites Random" box is clicked on my settings, so why isn't it working?  i don't know if the fact that i'm using Firefox has anything to do with either of these problems.  othe



full size image here: ok, i know what you're thinking:  what is it with bizarro and eggs?  but this is seriously freaky!  yesterday i was making an omelet, and out of one of the eggs comes this--what the friggin' hell is it?  the yolk and the mutant zombie yolk both came out of the same egg.  the lower pictures is what it looked like after i drained out the egg white and normal yolk. for a while i wondered if it were a chicken embryo, but after looking up pictures of those on the internet, i'm thinking it isn't, because it doesn't bear much resemblance.  i poked it with a stick and found it was less

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Kuki9Professional Writer
It's weird. All these years later I'm posting on your page. Your email address stopped working in 2013, I think. I dunno. I still remember all the art you did for me. I think about you a lot, actually.

I'm a novelist now and I'm a lot more grown up. 

Still writing KND fanfiction, though. Because of course I am :).

Wish you were still around.
Your KND stuff is awesome.
DMajorBossProfessional Writer
I remember hanging out with you on DA. I remember when we sent each other E-Mails after you stopped using DA. I remember wondering where you went when the mails stopped coming.

All in all, I wish you the best. Take care, and may great things be with you, my friend.

This is my brothers last message to you... I don't know you but I thank you for being such a good friend to my brother. you lost a friend but u gained a Angel R.I.P DMajorBoss
Bizarro, I had been a fan of you since I was a little kid. I am so glad that I was able to find you on deviantart. You had inspired me to draw anime =D

Your great work is featured in my Rainbow Color Feature! ♥
Hope you like it. :iconwtfomgdowant:

i love you pic can you raw me some thing for me i suck at drawing and i need a good pic