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Flannel: Empathy's Suitor

Character  Flannel (Junked)Location  Gulf of Mexigone
Name: Flannel
Origin: Colorado
Titles: Stalwart Tactician, Empathy's Suitor, Sundown Blackhole.
Weapon Class: Two-handed Sword
Likes: Peace and quiet, healing people, hospitality, defending those he cherishes.
Dislikes: Junko, Junkheap, Pollution, Choc-chip and mint ice cream.
Memorable Quotes: "If all the fish are dead in our pond, then we'll find a new pond. I refuse to let Junko win."

This piece took me 9 hours... but given the quality i can't say i'm too upset! I used exclusively Paint Tool SAI.

I used a reference from the "So, I'm a spider... so what?" Anime, Episode 22 of season 1. Where the young Julius Nii-sama is standing off against Wakaba (and the demon lord.)
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