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Hello friendos~! I am Remilia Martin, more commonly known as Remilia or Remi-chan. I am a specialized digital artist of seven years but I enjoy pencil sketching too.

I don't do commissions or requests. I am a hobbyist artist who does things for myself or occasionally my good friends. It's all on my terms, so don't go asking me for art- or it will probably never happen~! I am first and foremost the lead designer for a non-profit game development community called the Crazy Chimp Collective, I have been behind several vivid highly colorful games- I am always full of crazy ideas and a lot of what you see here on my gallery will probably end up in a game of mine at some point if it isn't already.

In the Seventh Heaven, my core game dev team, I am not the artist- rather a writer, project manager, creative designer, leader of distribution, databasing, systems, etc. If you'd like to see the games I develop, you're welcome to check them out on my website.

Q: Why are you called bizarresheep?

A: This is a very old account, the username of which was kind of a joke. I did used to go by Bizarre Monkey, but have rebranded myself since.

Q: Do you do animation, too?

A: Occasionally! Usually for in game cinematics.

Q: What programs do you use?

A: Sai 1..6 or something for drawing. Then Photoshop CS6 for touching up.

Q: You got a youtube channel?

A: With over a thousand videos, speed draws included? Yes sirree!

Q: Any other social media?

A: Yep: Twitter is one of my most active ones!

Favourite Visual Artist
Tracy J. Butler, hands down. But also Ricegnat-Kerasu senpai.
Favourite Movies
V for Vendetta and The Lego Movie are among.
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls and Rick n' Morty come to mind.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
David Bergeaud, Yoko Shimomura and Toby Fox to name a few
Favourite Books
I don't often read books, even novels! I liked what I read of Unbroken, though!
Favourite Writers
Jeez! That's a toughie! Tracy J. Butler and Andrew Hussie come to mind, but Tycho Brahe (Jerry from Penny Arcade)) also comes to mind.
Favourite Games
Ratchet & Clank 3, Spyro 3, Crash Bandicoot 2, DooM 95, Heretic, Saints Row 2, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
I'm an "okay" Artist, capable writer, a very creative mind and also I can make games.
Other Interests
Photography, film / trailer production, political activism and sometimes I dabble a little in cyber-trolling and philosophy.
Several Prints Now Available! Any image that gets over three likes I'll turn into a print (if possible) but you can also send me a note asking for one of my deviations to be a print, and I'll do that.
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Sorry it's been slow with the uploads, it's quite an amount of effort and I've three games I'm working on, so forgive me if I'm slow.
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Oh hey, you're Eric's friend that he mentions from time to time. The game making dude. I remember you from the old MSPA forums (rest in pieces). Waddup?
Yup, that's me! Well some things never change, I'm still making games, and trying to do more art but nowadays I'm finding it difficult to get around to actually finishing a fully rendered piece aaaaaaaaaaaa

Currently I'm getting ready to do Study again, sorting out paperwork and getting information about stuff for some big plans that may come to fruition next year, otherwise I'm working flat out on games, dancing around on twitter and just being otherwise mildly obsessive about inane frivolous minutia that most wouldn't consider a healthy research topic.
Good thing that you're still making games, dude. I think the more art you do the more likely you'll be able to finish more pieces. I've been told by actual good artist friends who are better than me that when you're starting out, quantity is better than quality. I definitely know that feeling of not getting around to finishing something you start on, I've got a gigantic pile of crap to draw through. Good luck with your studies!
Well I'm able to do a lot of linework, but I'm finding coloring is becoming a pain in the butt, and so I'm sorta doing monochromatic lazy drawings.

I think it's just a temporary mental block. Likely instilled by a lack of responsibility, and once I'm back at school I'm sure I'll want to art again. Timetables are being worked out so I got this week off.

I don't think I'll ever stop making games though. Currently I'm at a bit of a loss because I'm getting sort of tired of RPGmaker's bullcrap, and I'm learning Unity at school with C-sharp, which means eventually I will have to make the transition, which is good but also a bit scary since I've been in the RPG Maker comfort-zone for many years now-- moving up will be a challenge, but it's one I'm going to and am determined meet.

I just gotta Persevere, thankfully that's something I am very good at.
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i guess i must add you da as well 
Lol, if you want. Essentially it's not a big deal to me but I am happy when people like my stuff because, I guess I just have this assumption that I'm a bad artist.

Though I expect very little of people, anyway. :3
Hey there! This is elusiveTranscendent all the way from the a homestuck thread on the Chucklefish forums! I don't expect you to remember me, due to the fact I mostly lurk, but I just wanted to drop by over here and say "hello!" ^.^