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Prisma's gems by BIueTay Prisma's gems by BIueTay
These gems belong to the renegade Prisma:…
They each wear a symbol of their loyalty to her, their clothes match one of Prisma's variations. I will upload the original gem outfits later but for now I hope you like them as much as I do! 

From oldest to youngest:

Immediately after Prisma escaped Blue Diamond's court, she realized she needed an assistant. She needed someone to help keep her on task and her plan moving forward. She knew of a Padparascha sapphire that was given a pearl that was slightly defective. Prisma found this pearl hiding from the diamonds in the caverns of homeworld. Prisma whispered sweet nothingness to Pearl and recruited her. 
Pearl is very observant, out of all the gems she is the only one that is aware of Prisma's true plan, thus why is acts so null to everything.

Garnet was shunned by other members of her masters court for being to shy. She was tall, strong and unbeatable but she refused to use combat. Prisma had come accross her while on a raid for supplies with Pearl. Pearl had made the suggestion to keep her as her strength was needed but she didn't have to hurt anyone. Garnet agreed, but lives in fear of Prisma and Pearl.

Prisma needed a combat specialist. Whilst traveling through the galaxy Prisma found a planet called Mars. On this planet she found a lone Carnelian who was abondoned here during the war. Prisma observed her fighting sand creatures that she built and recruited Carnelian easily. 

Violet was aware of this rogue Sapphire and Pearl that had fused into a Chalcedony to escape Blue Diamond, but was determined to find her. Violet had found Prisma hiding on some abandoned planet and asked to join simply because she wanted to. 

Prisma had finally visted an old kindergarten thousands of years after the war had ended. Oddly enough, there was a Peridot who hadn't emerged yet. Prisma immediately sent Pearl to help this Peridot. Prisma is the very first owner of this Peridot, and Peridot absolutely loves her, to quote Peridot; "You saved me! Now I have a purpose!"

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