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DIM v4 | TechnoBlue

DIM is a High Quality theming cursor for Windows with stylish and smooth animations. Greatly revamped since the first version, and now a mixture of 2D and 3D, try it out!

A Premium Content for this cursor is available for purchase which is completely optional. The Premium Content offers a different set of high quality and much more stylish animations, to complete your ideal theme! If you're into 3D, then check this out! See the preview links below and decide for yourself.

See and test if the size, appearance, and animation suits your operating system.

Support me with my works by Downloading or Purchasing ONLY here on my official DeviantArt account to get access to future updates for free.

Your fave and comments are much appreciated! Comment or message me if you have some feedback. Thank you very much for the support!




Premium Set


Night Diamond
Crystal Clear

Bullet; Blue "HOW TO INSTALL" video tutorial here: Click here
Bullet; Green Compatible with all Windows platform.
Bullet; Green No CursorFX needed. 
Bullet; Red For Windows OS only.

Add me to your watchlists to get notifications on updates! 

v4 - MAJOR UPDATE (Mar/27/2021)

Tons of improvements and new bonus contents.

- Reduced size by a few pixels.
- Slightly tilted to the right.
- Now available in 32 and 48 pixel format.
- Graphic enhancements.
- Animations are now faster and snappier.
- 20+ new bonus cursors including "Loop" variations.
- Improved the Installer file;
   No need to manually copy the bonus cursors folder now. The installer will do it.
- Changed the defaults.

- Added 45+ new bonus cursors including 3D Core, 3D Overdrive, Trigon, and more.
- Improved graphics for "Glitch" busy and working.
- The Free version is also now included along with the Premium Content download.
- Changed the defaults.

For the complete update log, check the text file included in the package.

Thank you very much for the continued support! I hope you like this update :)
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Nice cursor. Thanks.

I'm using windows 11 - and unfortunately when I choose your cursor, it looks like a low quality cursor with a little bit of blue --- nothing like the high quality image shown on your site. I'm wondering if not compatible with window 11 yet?

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Note sent.

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Can you remind me what the Windows 10 1809 bug is about?

nice cursor, thank you admin

omfg this cursor is the besy WOW😘

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Still one of the best, Thank you!

Kiber999's avatar

Hi. Animation of the cursor stucks. Please, help me! Animation of cursor not work :(

It works only 1 minute, after this it not animate :(

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Hello. Please elaborate. What animation is not working?

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Animation of ALL cursors stucks, and not work. When I turn on the computer, animation works 1-2 minutes, and after this - it stucks.

P.S.: I noticed, that it stucks, when you move the cursor over the text.

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Have you changed any state using the bonus cursors? If you changed your "Normal Select" to an animated one, the animation bug have a chance to be triggered.

Kiber999's avatar

No, I didnt changed no one cursor.

Reporting an issue: as it stands now, HDR monitors blow out the greys, so the cursor looks washed out. (I also suspect some system that makes it washed out because it thinks it is too dark (but complete blacks are ignored.))

One way or another, I got an HDR and now am searching for an alternative

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I do remember having an issue back then with windows cursors (even the default ones) being washed out/faded. It turns out to be an update incompatibility issue from Windows and NVIDIA. You can check out this link from Microsoft:

Hope it helps.

Hello there!

I really like your cursors (the blue one exactly). It really matches my OS style. But I wonder if there is a way to purchase premium version of the blue one separately or the only way is to take a bundle?

Like... It's not a big deal to buy a bundle, but you'll better notice that in the description if it's the only way, for people like me, who search for a big nice "PURCHASE" button on this exact page for like an hour or so 😅

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Hello. Thank you for taking an interest! You can buy individual colors. The download and purchase button are just below the artwork.


Oh... it looks like I'm blind AF. Thank you so much!

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i miss the [TB] Normal v3 version😥

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This is still available inside the bonus cursors folder as "Normal - Classic"

found it !!! thx u so much !!!😍

jynxcrazy's avatar

give me DIM old version.

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