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You can't make me like or accept them either... by BittyPixelPaws You can't make me like or accept them either... by BittyPixelPaws
I don't like or respect anti lgbt+ people for good reasons.
The number one thing being they, and their views, do not respect myself or others who are lgbt+.

They don't respect lgbt+ people's gender identities and misgender them out of selfish reasons, they don't respect lgbt+ people's right to marriage, adoption, or even their right to shop at whatever stores they want, they support discrimination against them in a variety of forms (usually under the guise of 'religious freedom' ) which, I don't care what your beliefs are, your beliefs should never come at the cost of others living and interacting with society peacefully. 

I'm sure I will be told by them and their supporters that my feelings don't matter on these issues, but they do, all lgbt+ people do- because we all deserve the same rights and freedoms everyone else has, and it does hurt me and make me angry when other people don't support and respect that, the same way any straight or cisgender person would be rightfully offended if someone said they didn't deserve equal rights or said who they are and what they love is evil and wrong. it's just not right, and I for one, don't have to accept something so harmful and degrading.

If you do, that's on you- but myself and others who feel the same as me are not bad, or evil, or stupid, or intolerant, or bigoted or -whatever- you want to call us to make yourselves feel better, for not supporting something so cruel.
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September 8, 2017
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