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We've all been there
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Published: November 15, 2017
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Everyone who has ever existed or will soon exist will make mistakes, and they will do things in their past that don't define their future or present selves. 

I used to say I wanted -insert someone here- dead or pick fights with people I didn't like, but that's not who I am anymore, I don't want people dead or whatever, even if I hate them. 
I can wish a certain type of person didn't exist, that's not the same as wanting them to drop dead, just for example, I really really really hate anti-lgbt people, but I don't want them dead, What I truly wish is that they'd change and realize how horrible their views are, in all honesty. That's my state of mind now, years back I did want them dead, I thought the world would be better for it, but that's not how things work.

So to recap on my stamp here, I said and did things when I was younger and less wise that I no longer agree with. I made mistakes, but they do not define who I am today, and the mistakes I make even now don't define me as a person, 

If we villainized and treated all people like garbage for their mistakes, no one would grow or feel like they are worth anything, that's  not the world we should live in. Want people to change? encourage them, teach them right from wrong, don't bully or force them into submission. Don't want to help people? Don't want to get involved or better anyone? then don't, but don't treat them poorly either. If you must, ignore them and help someone you feel is worth it for you. That's my advice and my piece of wisdom. 
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