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I keep having a pretty odd problem. I have absolutely no idea why, but every time I upload a piece and add a description, the description randomly changes to "1". At first, when I saw this, I just thought that it was a weird glitch and just copied/pasted (I have really awful WiFi so I just copy my description in case it doesn't upload correctly) the description once again. But then it happened again? This has happened for my last two pieces as one can see. I have no idea why it's happening? I tried to Google search if this is a glitch and if there's a solution, but couldn't find anything at all. Has anyone else been experiencing this? If so, what can we do to stop it and fix this glitch? The only possible thing I can imagine causing this is that I put links in all my descriptions linking to my Furry Amino page of the post for more information about the piece itself. But it has previously worked before for all my other art pieces? I would very much appreciate all possible advice and tips! Thank you so much! 
  • Can ONLY answer the questions using lyrics to a song. Yes, you can use a different song for every question. Or not, if you don't want to.
  • Obviously erase my answers to each question.
  • Give credit to the original song name and artist's name in parentheses after typing the lyrics. 
  • If you REALLY can't think of a song or the question might not apply to you in a way, it's okay! Just say "I don't know"
  • Tag at least 2 or more people. 
Tagged By: No one. I was the one who created this for fun lol. 

1. Which lyrics describes how you feel when someone is attempting to bring you down? "I'm turning up the volume when you speak, cause if my heart can't stop it, I'll find a way to block it." (Naughty Boy - La La La ft. Sam Smith) 

2. Which lyrics describe how you feel when sad or emotionally drained? "Everyone says I'm getting down too low. Everyone says 'You just got to let it go'". (Eels - I Need Some Sleep)

3. Which lyrics describe how you feel about your ex (either ex-best friend or ex significant other)? "Betrayed me, played me, slayed me, hurt me like I've never been hurt before. Disowned me only for the other people you decided that you wanted in your life more." (Simon Curtis - I Hate U)

4. Which lyrics describe you when you're feeling very confident? "Go full speed, I can't read, the signs that say stop. I brush it off and try to act all nonchalant, yeah." (Kali Uchis - Know What I want) 

5. Which lyrics describe how you feel about your current significant other or current best friend? I don't know. 

6. Which lyrics describe how you feel when you want to party, dance or you're just hyper and excited? "We're up all night 'til the sun, we're up all night to get some, we're up all night for good fun, we're up all night to get lucky" (Daft Punk - Get Lucky) 

7. Which lyrics describe how (you think) others feel or think about you? "And didn't know I'm really good at making you feel awkward" (FIDLAR - Awkward) 

8. Which lyrics describe how you feel when angered or annoyed? I don't know. 

9. Which lyrics describe how you feel when you're able to get revenge on someone or the person is now worse off than yourself? "Ain't it good to be on your own? Ain't it fun you can't count on no one?" (Ain't it fun - Paramore)

10. Which lyrics describe how you feel about yourself most of the time overall?
"There's a loud distorted screaming in my soul" (Pink Guy - Help)

I'm tagging:
:iconlunialek: and :iconbrusheer: 
RULE 1. You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

RULE 2. You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your journal, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 5-10 of your friends to answer this. Then see what happens.

1. Asked someone to marry you?

2. Kissed one of your friends?

3. Danced on a table in a bar?

4. Ever told a lie?

5. Had feelings for someone whom you can't have?

6. Ever kissed someone of the same sex?

7. Kissed a picture?

8. Slept in until 5 pm?

9. Fallen asleep at work/school?

10. Held a snake?

11. Been suspended from school?

12. Worked at a fast food chain/restaurant?

13. Stolen something?

14. Been fired from a job?

15. Done something you regret?

16. Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose?

17. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

18. Kissed in the rain?

19. Sat on a roof top?

20. Kissed someone you shouldn't?

21. Sang in the shower?

22. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

23. Shaved your head?

24. Slept naked?

25. Had a boxing membership?

26. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?

27. Been in a band?

28. Shot a gun?

29. Donated Blood?

30. Eaten alligator meat?

31. Eaten cheesecake?

32. Still love someone you shouldn't?

33. Have/had a tattoo?

34. Liked someone, but will never tell who?

35. Been too honest?

36. Ruined a surprise?

37. Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you can't walk afterwards?

38. Erased someone in your friends list?

39. Dressed in a woman's clothes (if you're a guy) or man's clothes (if you're a girl)?

40. Joined a pageant

41. Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?
Innocent :') 

42. Still have communication w/ your ex?

43. Cheated on someone?

44. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?

45. A total stranger treated you by paying your fare?

46. Get totally angry that you cried so hard?

47. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?

48. Thought about suicide?

49. Thought about murder?

50. How about Mass Murder?

51. Rode in a stranger's vehicle?

52. Stalked someone?

53. Had a girlfriend/boyfriend? 

I don't have enough friends to tag and I'm too lazy to anyways, so if you're reading this, friend or not, get tagged! 
Small AU I want to create:
  • Their species will change into the stereotypical enemy of the original, predator will turn to prey and/or prey into predator (e.g, Jade will be a dog, Jett will be a wolf) 
  • Everyone will change their sex/gender into the opposite one (e.g, Jett will be female, Kaitlyn will be a ftm transgender)
    • Personality will turn good to bad or bad to good (e.g, Micheal will become a lot nicer but cowardly, Kaitlyn will be very aggressive and douchy) 
    • Their sexualities will remain the same (e.g, Jett will be a straight girl attracted to guys, Meredith will be a gay guy attracted to other guys)
    • Their bonds, friendships, relationships, etc. will remain the same (Jett will still be best friends with Meredith, and Micheal, Kaitlyn, and Jade will still all be related) 
    • Colors will remain the same, but be placed on different parts of the body. Patterns and (maybe) fashion sense will remain the same
    Stop giving me llama badges. It's kind of annoying because I don't get feedback that often, so when I do see a notification that is feedback, I get excited because I appreciate all comments and favorites. Whenever I see a llama badge, I just roll my eyes and think "Welp, it's just a little dumb llama badge, whup tee doo, waste of feedback". I don't get the purposes of llama badges, and frankly, I don't care either. I only appreciate comments and favorites. 
    Tagged by :iconbrusheer: 
    - Tag people (if you wish)
    - Answer honestly
    - Put the title as "I am an/a ___ dragon" (or an elemental pun)
    [] Sunlight makes you feel happy. 
    [/] You love all animals.
    [] You feel bad when you kill a bug. 
    [/] You own lots of plants. 
    [] You are a vegetarian/vegan. 
    [/] You love fruits and vegetables. 

    Total: 1.5 

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

    :greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot Earth  :greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot

    [] You are very headstrong.
    [] You are a very grounded person.
    [] You are physically strong or big. 
    [✓] You try hard to maintain balance in your life.
    [✓] You eat a lot and love food.
    [] You are not sensitive.
    [✓] You don't mind getting dirty.

    Total: 3

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

    animated fire by darkmoon3636 Fire  animated fire by darkmoon3636

    [/] You have a lot of sass. 
    [✓] You love warmth.
    [✓] You get angered easily, but calm down quickly. 
    [] You get into a lot of fights. 
    [/] You are rude. 
    [✓] You are passionate/emotional. 
    [/] You love spicy food.

    Total: 4.5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

    :whitebluefire: by NamelessBot Ice  :whitebluefire: by NamelessBot

    [] You don't express your emotions.
    [] You come across as cold or uncaring.
    [/] You are thin or frail.
    [] You don't mind the cold.
    [] You find yourself with cold extremities.
    [✓] You crack easily under pressure.
    [] You are not sensitive. 

    Total: 1.5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

    :psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot Lightning  :psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot

    [] You have way too much energy. 
    []  People tell you to quiet down often.
    [✓] You have trouble falling asleep.
    [✓] You play your music loud.
    [/] You are often happy.
    [✓] You are disruptive. 
    [] You love playing sports.

    Total: 3.5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U


    [✓] You are mostly relaxed.
    [] You love swimming.
    [] You can hold your breath for a long time.
    [✓] You cry easily. 
    [✓] You primarily drink water.
    [✓] You take stuff very personally.
    [/] You wear your heart on your sleeve.

    Total: 4.5 

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U


    [] You have great endurance. 
    [] You often dream about flying.
    [] You are not clumsy. 
    [] You tend to "wing it" a lot. 
    [✓] You love to look at the sky and daydream. 
    [] You love to look fancy.
    [] You are musical/can play more than one instrument.

    Total: 1
    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U


    [/] You are a tech whiz. 
    [] You don't care about what other people think of you. 
    [✓] You don't often go outside.
    [/] People expect much of you.
    [/] You find it easy to figure out how things work.
    [/] You are smart with your money. 
    [/] You love video games. 

    Total: 3.5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U


    [/] You are positive and optimistic.
    [✓] You have a few really close friends.
    [✓] You believe in equality.
    [✓] You are compassionate.
    [/] People look to you for advice.
    [/] You find it hard to understand people with different opinions. 
    [/] You hate being alone. 

    Total: 5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U


    [] You don't understand people. 
    [/] You are not social or have many friends. 
    [] People think you are "evil". 
    [/] You love rock music. 
    [] You relate to antagonists more than protagonists.
    [/] You prefer to spend time in the dark.
    [✓] You take naps during the day.

    Total: 2.5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U


    [/] You believe in ouija boards/tarot cards/other magic. 
    [✓] Your opinion changes easily. 
    [/] People underestimate you.
    [✓] You are creative or artistic.
    [] You think mythical creatures are real. 
    [✓] You are a hoarder.
    [/] You love fantasy and reading books. 

    Total: 4.5


    [/] You never get sick.
    [] People avoid you like the plague.
    [✓] People judge you/you are self-conscious.
    [✓] You love gross or dark humor.
    [/] You have some sort of disorder.
    [] You don't like it when people touch you. 
    [/] You are very opinionated.

    Total: 3.5

    [ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U

    So it seems that if I were a dragon, I would be a mixture of magic, water, and fire. Interesting, not what I was expecting! woah. Well this was fun and cool lol. 

    Going to tag simply my two close friends on this site; :iconlunialek: and :iconteenagetrashx: 
    -Tagged by Brusheer
    -Rules: tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme

    • Name: Debby (Irl), Millie/Mill (Online)
    • Star Sign: Cancer (Haha, funny right?)
    • Average hours of sleep: 8 on weekdays, 10 on weekends
    • Last thing googled: bull terriee (It was a typo)
    • Favorite Fictional Characters (that aren't mine): Johnny from The Outsiders, Hollyleaf from Warrior Cats, Kedamono from Popee the Performer, Kate from Life is Strange

    • Your current clothing: White pajamas with blue dog prints and the dalmatians from "101 Dalmations"
    • When did you start the account: 8 months ago (Tbh I cheated and took a glance at my profile lol)
    • Number of watchers: 8 
    • What do you post: Everything I draw digitally, mostly cute furries 
    • Do you get many comments: Not really, unless it's from my two close friends on here
    • Why did you choose this username: It was at the time I was obsessed with the name and wanted to make it my official online name for everything

    Tag, you're it!: Lunialek, Teenagetrashx, shootsu, Xxdarkpuppyx, Emanuelaa, ProxoMare999, xXxDreamcatcherxX, IvyThistle 
    #4a5b69, #5e6e7c, #798896, #909eaa, #a6b5c3
    I've only been drawing digitally since I've joined DA and only been doing traditional art for about a year and a half. Even though it may not seem like it, I really have improved. However,  I need help improving! Please, on my most recent submition, give some constructive criticism on my art and/or if you want to give a critique to my character, comment on my ref sheet. I need a professional critique ASAP.