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Wolfleg - Warriors OC by BittyMillie Wolfleg - Warriors OC by BittyMillie
An OC I created mostly just to rp with or show off with others on Warriors Amino. Huge credit goes to Dragondoesdoodles for making the design for me after talking with her on Amino! Please check her out! She's new to DA and her art is amazing and she's so nice! 

Name: Wolfleg
Gender: She-cat
Age: 10.5 moons (Only became a newly named warrior recently)
Rank/Role: Warrior
Clan: Stoneclan (Can RP in different clans though) (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AJ!!) 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Biromantic (Only in romantic rp's, otherwise heterosexual in most others)
Mate?: Single
Kits?: None
Personality: Skeptical, loyal, fiesty sometimes, acts tough but gets scared by easily, very lovable when she is interested in a cat 
Likes: Going on patrols, getting justice/revenge, participating in gatherings, sharing tongues, eating birds
Dislikes: Traitors, grumpy elders, unfair battles, intruders 
RP sample: Wolfleg watched the intruder and her leader from a safe distance. She was so angry that she could feel her haunches raise to pounce and her claws unsheathe. "Why in starclan's name was (her leader's name) meeting up and flirting with an apprentice from a different clan?! How could a leader like her/him break the warrior code, just like that?!" she thought to herself, growling quietly. Her eyes blazed as aqua fire as she saw her leader rubbing his/her muzzle to the much younger apprentice. "Wolfleg...." She heard a deep rumble behind her, making her jump. She quickly turned around, fluffed up to look twice her size. "Why are you awake in the middle of night?" (her deputy's name) growled quietly. "I was just.. ermmm... hunting!" she suggested awkwardly. "I find it funny how you want to hunt your own leader and his/her mate..." His/her claws unsheathed. " Wolfleg hissed by instinct and immediately regretted it. Her deputy swatted right at her ears and forehead, making a small amount of blood trickle down her ears. Wolfleg got so shocked and scared, she fled back to her camp right after. "Don't ever stalk your own leader ever again!" (deputy's name) hissed. They may have gotten away with their secret unexposed this time, but she knows they are hiding something big from their own clan. And she is determined to find out what it is. 


Date Uploaded: 10/21/17
TTD (Total Time Editing): 4 hours, 52 minutes
Dedicated/Made for: Warriors Amino (as an rp OC) 
Refernces Used (Credit to all original photographers and/or artists), image that my friend made for the design (It's not public or anything, so IDK how to link it)
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October 21, 2017
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