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Jett Crednick Ref sheet (GOING TO UPDATE SOON!) by BittyMillie Jett Crednick Ref sheet (GOING TO UPDATE SOON!) by BittyMillie
A few notes: My first ever ref sheet for any oc at all. I'm going to give all my oc's this basic "platform" for their references. Not sure if I should put a mature content filter on this??? I'm not trying to make this sexual, I just made him naked to show his fur patterns in anthro form. please let me know if I might need to put a Mature Content filter on this. (Note: This fursona/OC currently does not have a backstory. If they are going to have a backstory, then I'll probably write it into a story or something) Also, I realized in the first pose, it looks like he has "pecs", but it's actually just fur. He doesn't really care about being muscular at all. Also even though it is not shown in this picture, he usually wears a red beanie (only in his human form) and big black hipster-like glasses. 

His name is Jett Crednick. He is a 21 year old stag. He is both biologically and mentally male. He has a feral form, an anthropomorphic form, and a human form and can transform whenever he likes. (This is not a power though, this is something that all my fursonas in their universe can do.) He is heterosexual and single. He enjoys things like listening to chill music, spending time alone in the woods, watching movies, playing video games, taking time slow to enjoy the small things in life, anything flavored as strawberry and the fruit itself, asking random silly questions, helping others, and sharing stories and secrets with friends. He dislikes starting small talk with strangers, being surrounded by too many people, people obsessed with fashion, rain (light or heavy), and people who joke around too much and can never be taken seriously. Extra questions:
Is he usually energetic or lazy? Lazy
Short-tempered or careless? careless to small things, short-tempered to really offensive insults to him or his friends
Introverted or extrovert? Somewhere in between
Indoor-person or outdoor-person? Sometimes indoor-person, usually outdoor-person
Skinny or chubby? Skinny, but he isn't twig-thin
Mostly romantic or sexual? 50/50
Muscular or delicate? VERY delicate
Bad features/habits? Broken antler, acts tough but really isn't, gets embarrassed a little too easily, has a bad habit of thinking that someone loves him just because of something as small as a compliment, a hug, etc., sucks at keeping a relationship alive, has a mild and uncontrollable addiction to alcohol, perverted af 
Good features/habits? Can easily detect lies and trickery (unless drunk), can give good advice sometimes, can understand things easily, can get used to things easily, can accept change (if it's good), is selfless. 
Canon voice? Tobias/Toby from "Catherine"… (0:30) 
Brusheer Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I noticed you asked for a serious critique and I'm not very professional nor am I that good but I can give you little tips that help me? Whenever I draw a body I like to have a reference on hand so I can give proper definition (e.g on yours I would have the body go in a bit more around the 'handle bars' and give more arm definition). On a side note, when giving definition a lot of the time I don't use the same lines as I do for linework or else it would look odd, and I instead outline them with either thinner, lighter lines or only use shadows. When outlining the body I would use more smooth lines rather than have it consistently furry, because I find it gives it a more appealing effect? More shading is always helpful, and if you do it right it will make everything pop, in a sense rather than be completely flat (what helps me with deciding what to shade is imagining light source and also looking at my references). I also think that not using black lines in some areas would improve on things, like if the red strip on the muzzle was connected directly to the brown. When I do this, I'll usually make the tufts of fur around the transition noticeable, and the reason I don't blend them together is because I think it gives it a washed out effect (at least in paint tool sai but I'm about to try out photoshop so). I believe your art looks great and is getting better, and I hope this can help you!
BittyMillie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you! I do agree on some of your points and I will certainly take it into consideration.
LuniAlek Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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