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Breeze's 2nd Litter
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Published: March 27, 2015
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H'okay, so after looking through my old drawings, I suddenly came across a drawing I did of Breeze's second litter of cubs! This time their father is a fellow OC, Thicket, who belongs to Claypaw. The original picture was of them as cubs, so I drew them as juveniles- around the same age as Yani and his siblings in their picture!

Riho is incredibly shy and almost- almost!- antisocial. He doesn't like to get out of his comfort zone too often, and prefers to stay around things he's known, such as his siblings and mother. He will do anything for the Clan, but a lot of the Named around him aren't so sure about his personality: Is he nice, or is he rude and ignoring me? He fears Fire greatly, and chose not to handle it, but he deeply respects those who can get over their natural fear and take it into their jaws. He's nearly a master at the art of Dappleback riding, and even "owns" one, a filly orphaned at birth. Everyone thought she was going to die, but Riho helped her survive by getting all the other mares to nurse her alongside their own offspring. Now she follows him everywhere outside of the Clan's campsite, and he is also allowed to ride on her back with minimum struggle- keyword is minimum.

Kinja is the polar opposite of his twin. He's extremely extroverted and always speaks his mind and opinion- which, he often has an opinion. He doesn't train as a Fire-Keeper, but he does have a knack for handling it when the time calls for it, so some of his Named friends call him the "Backup Fire-Keeper," since he could easily take up the place of an Out Of Commission firekeeper. He's extremely protective of himself and his brother, since they're both Unnamed-Named mixes. He's a very artistic cat, and likes to make "pictures" out of the stars, though it's seen as a lazy pasttime for everyone else minus Riho. Kinja is, however, horrid at herding anything but Facetails. He has a partially broken ribcage from screwing with the wrong Striper, and the dapplebacks get edgy around him. Facetails seem right at home with him, even though he gets knocked around.


Riho and Kinja are intensely inseperable, and if they are apart from each other too long they get stressed out and eventually quit functioning due to the stress of wondering where their twin is and if they're okay. Think of a sort of "Mario And Luigi Syndrome" type thing going on. 

Kinja got his tail bitten off by a Bristlemane as a cub during the move from his birth-lair to the Nursery. For the most part he went unharmed, and luckily was able to adapt to the new sense of balance. Many Named are amazed at his skills in balance, since he has such a stubby tail!

They both kept part of their spotting for no good reason. It simply never went away.
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EEEE!! They're adorable. :D 
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