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The drugs don't work

© Cristina Matei
Silly old self

Okay, just to make sure..."The drugs don't work" is a song by The Verve. Anyways, drugs can also mean meds:P
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woash! i got lost
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featured here: [link] ;)
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Love the emotion of this. Red tone works well here as well.
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I'm loving the picture.....and the title! Great silly old self...... :D
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Thats an amazing song, by the way.
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No, they just ware off to soon :frustrated:
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no they
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This makes me thing of Joy Division for some reason. I love the feeling.
the drugs work they just don't last
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iy's a song's name:P
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Silly old self? I don't think so. You change a lot, and all these facets are definitely you: You're wild and innocent, sensual, beautiful, maybe arrogant sometimes, but always special. A beautiful child growing up and daring a lot of things, in front of and behind the camera. It's a pleasure to watch.
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Too many kind words :blush:
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Oh no, I think they just fit. I've seen so many pictures of you in the last years, and a lot of them were adventurous. I also loved the beautiful portraits your dad (I think he's devARTist 'artfoto') took from you. Hey, by the way, i wanna ask you something: Do you know Felicia Simion and Tiberius Hogdoroba personally? I like them a lot, and I think we'd be close friends if they'd live in Germany...well, or I in Romania, that is.
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I know them, although never met them...yet:P
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So how far away do you live from each other?
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few hundreds of km, i guess
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Well, a few hundred kilometres are a lot when it comes to the chance for a meeting.
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They never do but always feel good. :)
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