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Pokemon sketch group by Bittersweet-Kat Pokemon sketch group :iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 2 2 Happy Eevee by Bittersweet-Kat Happy Eevee :iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 0 4
In the briefest moments of reprise
My mind drifts back and forth,
Imagining the springtime
Picturing it in your court.
The sun mild on your skin
While the breeze moves through hair;
To be as bold as nature
Touching elegance so fair.
As the sun I would surround you
In a loving warm embrace,
Caress your skin with kisses
All around your perfect face.
If I were like the wind
I would dance around your curls
Brushing gently 'cross your features
And then watch them as they twirl.
From the earth I would sprout flowers
Delicate and soft like lace,
Nothing less could hope to rival
Your sheer radiance and grace.
All others would be jealous
Just to witness such a thing -
Your beauty only heightened
By the elements of spring.
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Quince's Journal
Entry 1
There are a growing number of refugees entering the Vale.  When I last went out to Melasted they seemed to be outnumbering the locals there.  It's a little worrying.  Their resources at this rate could start to run low.  That isn't good for anyone, trade in the entire Vale could go down.  They need some help.  Their daughter is of age now.  Perhaps our marriage will be enough incentive to open up more relations between our houses.  Who knows?  Their people may even fit in well in the forests.  Only time will tell.
Entry 2
Everything is set.  Her parents were more than compliant.  At first her mother was a little unsure but it did not take much persuasion to see her come around.  Valerie has grown very beautiful.  She may not be an Elf, but her heart is pure.  She will make a good wife.  I am certain she will enjoy the forests.  They may be further away from the sea but Melora live
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Valerie's Journal
Entry 1
Things are beginning to become a little frightening.  What if the war spreads and consumes the Vale too?  Father says that won't happen.  I hope he's right.
He also sent me Quince's regards.  Than man is nothing if not persistent.  In two years he'll own my life, I wish he would stop trying to speed up the process.  Mother says he's just trying to be kind, but I think he's reminding me I'm spoken for, perhaps jealous of the time I've spent with the refugees.  I suppose he isn't a bad man, in fact he is a very good one.  I hope I'll be happy with him...  I don't know.
Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.
Entry 2
Uncle had to go back to the South today; I hate it when he goes there.  He puts himself in so much danger.  I guess that makes him some sort of hero.  The refugees certainly seem to think so.  Father says that my brothers and I shouldn't spend so much time with them, but they do tell the best sto
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All I can hear are the words that Dragon and Warden said to me, back on that day in the camp.  That I was a fool, and the task beyond - if I kept following the path I was on - was impossible.  I wasn't strong enough.  I never believed such things before.  Why would I?  There was no reason to doubt.  My family was taken from me but I would bring them back.  I had to, there was no other choice.  I had overcome all other obstacles in my life.  Though the scale was much bigger, this would be no different.
But with my most recent failure, I'm beginning to wonder.  If it were someone else, would the outcome have been different?  Would those people still be alive?  If I cannot save wanderers on the road from a single man, then how do I intend to save all of my people from the realm?  I'm even beginning to lose my way through the trees.  I've never experienced this before.  Is this what it feels like to... lose?  T
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Valerie Osiris was noble born to Lord and Lady Osiris, Oldest of their four children and only daughter.  She was raised by the waters of the Northern boarder in Melasted, a small but prosperous fishing community made up of Changelings, Humans and Elf-Folk.  Born under her family's patron, Melora, Valerie was expected to strengthen relations between Melasted and the forest Elves of Featherwood, and take on the Rapidwater name.  This would strengthen all who fell under Melora's protection, and allow mutual prosperity and trade routes to continue.  Her eldest brother would then inherit the lands in Melasted, with her two younger brothers working alongside her mother's brother - Nile Star - trading meats, salts and other exports to the rest of the Vale.
To the South, a war was raging.  All the Lords and Lady's of the Vale were brought together and was mutually decided to assist them in their plight.  Changelings crossed the boarders to shepherd strange races -
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 1 0
The Line Between Good and Evil
There will always be war.
Beings, good and evil, thrive admits the conflict.  The good rally their followers against a mutual enemy, adding to their strength.  The evil revel in blood and destruction.  Only the bystanders suffer from war.  There is no neutrality, no order.  War equals madness, and madness twists and blurs the hearts and minds of men.
But, I digress.
A good man who desires the strength to defeat his enemies in war, will of course turn to his Gods for power and courage.  But what if this isn't enough?  What if your enemy also calls upon their Gods to fight for them as well?  What then will tip the scales, and will sway the tide of victory?  A man's own strength could certainly make the difference.  But what if a good man knows that he is weak in comparison to his enemy?  How - with God's aside - is this good man supposed to win?
With allies?  His enemy has allies as well.  Luck?  She of course is fickl
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 1 2
Richard III Act I Scene IV Interpretation
Two Murderers watching over a sleeping Clarence.
Second Murderer So.. now?
First Murderer No!  Do you want people to think we're cowards!?
Second Murderer Well.. who would know?
First Murderer God.  That's who.
Second Murderer God.. oh...
First Murderer You're not going soft on me?
Second Murderer No!  The king said I could kill him, but what if God doesn't want me to kill him?
First Murderer ...What?
Second Murderer Forget it.
First Murderer Why don't you just go tell Richard you're having a existential crisis?
Second Murderer No, look.. give me 20 minutes alright?
They wait
First Murderer Have your balls grown back yet?
Second Murderer Wait... I've almost sweated out all of my guilt.  Need another like... 5 minutes or something.
First Murderer You know we're not paid by the hour right?
Second Murderer Oh!  I forgot I was getting paid for this!
First Murderer Feel better?
Second Murderer I will when I have my mon
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The Lovers
United we stand
Or together we fall,
I'll be your shield
I will answer your call.
Though evil does haunt us
I never will fret
You are like an armour
Repelling the threat.
Never to falter
As I stand by your side
Burning with courage
And glowing with pride.
I'll be your white knight
And you will be mine,
We will fight on together
For the rest of our time.
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 0 0
I've never been a loss for words
'til a moment such as this -
One moment - frozen in time,
One of awkward bliss.
A second you were almost lost
'twas little more too late,
I should have moved a fraction faster
To prevent that fate -
Then in an instant doubt is gone
You are, in fact, still here
A short whisper of quick relief
To have your presence near.
Alert, my arms fly out in front
To catch you as you fall,
And as I do the room fades out
To naught but empty walls.
The time is perfect to speak plain
What I think of thee
But no words thought of can be spoken
High midst reverie.
A perfect flash, but precious time
Was never meant to last,
Unable to recover sense
I let the moment pass.
The nagging tones of hindsight
Won't forget what could have been,
Watching as you walk away
My head still in a spin.
Out of time, nothing to do
But hope the Gods will send
A perfect moment to confess
My love to you again.
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 1 0
Tale of Dragon's Hold (Part 2)
The story's past and long since spoke
Down in Dragon's Hold
An inspiring and such wondrous tale
Has never quite been told.
Still - it's missing details of the past
Of others, just and bold,
Who helped defeat the darkness
And a city they did mould.
A Dragonborn of fierce strength
With heart and spirit true,
A simple Pixie did take part
To cleanse the land anew,
A dashing rogue of cunning
And such virtue are a few,
Last a stern young fighter stood her ground,
Undead that she did slew.
Together they combined their strength
Down in Dragon's Hold,
Fighting on par with the God
Who is so just and bold.
This tale is not of glory
Like the tale past down from old,
But rather words of friendship
And of courage never told.
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 0 0
Tale of Dragon's Hold (Part 1)
In the past the darkness ruled
Down in Dragon's Hold,
With night so full of terrors
To make mortal blood run cold.
A necromancer, he did roam,
Undead that he did mould,
'til a light pierced through the shadow
With a presence just and bold.
Bahamut fought, he did rain down
A brilliant fiery rage
Laying waste to the undead
And the base unholy mage.
His intention: to clear out the dark,
To start a brand new age,
The reign of Dragons did now stand
Upon the centre stage.
He then did build fair city streets
Down in Dragon's Hold,
Where righteous dwell, nothing to fear
And night that's never cold.
His people sing his glory
Passing down the tale of old,
And live their lives true to his words
With hearts so just and bold.
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 0 0
Pirate Raid
If there was one thing
Which never came to thought,
It was that I'd be attacked
By a pirate ship of Orcs.
The vessel I was board
Started taking heavy fire,
There was no where to escape
To from the scene which seemed so dire.
I looked around for heroes
Much like that in songs I sung,
When I noticed a fair lady
Loading barrels of the guns.
Immediately I helped her,
And then my eyes did see
A different Orc I'd met before
Rush straight ahead past me.
His name I knew was Zodgrim,
He held his dagger high,
And as he did his arcane spell
Electrified the sky.
While watching his display
The fair lady near took aim,
She shot right through the pirate crew
With countless of them slain.
As if this sight already
Wasn't thrilling to behold,
Rose up a fiery being
Coloured red and gleaming gold.
This being was an angel
Conjured up here by another
Raining down a fierce barrage
As the Orcs did run for cover.
Not too far the one who made him
Stood there still in view,
None other than a Shardmind
Made of cr
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 2 0
Cast Out
I've been cast out into the world alone
With only my shadow for company.
My father, it would seem, has grown tired
Of words, and wishes me to "be a man".
How is it I deserve to be disowned,
To be cut off and unaccompanied?
The world is dull, while home inspires
Me to work on my craft, and grow, and plan.
Though I will admit hearing spirit's calls,
Their whispers enticing outside my walls.
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 1 0
The Avatar
I've met a gentle soul
I've never known like any other
Who's as fragile as a snowflake
And as tender as a lover,
Though if you make him angry
My advice is run for cover
For he has a darker side
That any heathen he will smother.
As far as beings go
He is all without compare
But he's been driven slightly mad
By a deity so fair.
When he gazed upon her face
It was just too much to bare,
And so forth did live his life
With much fear and some despair.
At first he seemed so simple
Jumping at his own reflection,
Then in an instant changed
Into a being of perfection.
He asked me for a service,
To offer him protection.
I was awed by his new presence
And agreed with no rejection.
He had become the avatar
Of a deity so fair
With the markings of a raven
And a paralyzing stare.
Protect him from the evil
Is my mission, I do swear
And to all those who oppose him
I have just one word: beware!
:iconbittersweet-kat:Bittersweet-Kat 1 5


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