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Carousel for Liana

Outfit for Liana's paper doll [link] from a picture I have set as my desktop. If anyone knows the artist I would love to be able give proper credit for it. Its a winter scene with a carousel and a girl riding it and a fair in the background.
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Oh, it's lovely! The sweater is perfect - the pink looks so soft I can almost feel it! It looks warm, but delicate and supple. I really like the way the boots are done, too :) Can I post it on my site or link to it?

Thank you, this is an excellent Valentine's Day present! It makes me feel guilty I didn't do anything, but it's 9:30 already. I will just do something nice tomorrow and hope everyone forgives me... ;)
By all means you are more than welcome to. I'm always happy when you like the outfits.