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watermelon popsicle

By BitterGrapes
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This is a pseudo-HDR that I made out of a pic that I took a year ago with my old Kodak Z740 point-and-shoot at a park nearby. I wanted to give the picture kind of a hyper- colorful dreamy feel.

The kids were in the park fussing with the ice cream vendor. One kid was kicking the vendor's cart .(I'll let you guess which one.).
They wanted me to shoot a photo of them and I did.

I think the two on the left are siblings. The boy always says 'nice dreds!' to me when he sees me walking, and has told me his father wears them too.


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Wow, interesting technique. Well done!
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great--and i love the story-and the title made me laugh in a friendly way.
you have so much talent-you know?
you have keys to your world and beyond-and a world upon worlds who follow
your voice hangs loose and allows us all in
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this very sweet... a pseudo-HDR:confused:
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so how do u do a pseudo-HDR?
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A true HDR would be a combo of several pictures taken of the same subject- all identical, except that some are underexposed and some overexposed. I did this one from one picture file with multiple exposures made after the fact, on the computer.
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ok i was kinda thinking that lol, just wanted to make sure
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Great shot! I love how you tweaked this. It really gives the extra impression of the ultimate in happy summer days: hanging out with best friends and enjoying a great popsicle on a hot day. Perfecto!

And my guess is that the girl in the middle was the one kicking the cart. She looks like a mischievous little imp. :D
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Finally! Someone ventured a guess! :lol: Actually, it's the one on the right with the doll. That child is a little hellraiser. :laughing:
The one with the popsicle was rather sweet. Actually all 3 were.

Thank you, AC&G. =)
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You're welcome! :)
WOW! She looked so innocent. I would have never guessed (she would have been my last guess). Well, looks can be deceiving. :D
BitterGrapes's avatar
Indeed they can. :laughing:
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=) this is really cute and i really love waht you did with the colors!
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"The boy always says 'nice dreds!' to me when he sees me walking"


It's funny how many kids love to have their picture taken. There's so much fun in this one. The popsicle (funny word :D) looks very poisonous though. :giggle:
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It really is a funny word. And you're right, it does look kind of toxic when you look at it long enough. :laughing:
Thank you, love. =)
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I love the way you captured the mood and the powerful joy of this kids in this portrait, the colours conduct their energy directly to the viewer!!
is gorgeous :wow:
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Thank you! and thank you for "gorgeous". =)
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oh. wow. this is incredible. The colours are stunning. I can't stop staring...looks almost painted. I'd love to be able to do something like this..

so envious...
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Thank you so very much for your kind words and the :+devwatch: and favorites.

Your words made me smile. :hug:
oO-violetta-Oo's avatar
aww..I'm so happy they did :)
I truly meant every word :hug:
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