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About the Folders:
:bulletblue: Please always try to submit to the appropriate folders. If you do not, your deviation(s) will be declined.
:bulletblue: Submission Limit is 3 Deviation / Week and folder!
:bulletblue: We accept all levels of photography (from beginner to professional) so submission will not be declined based on quality!
:bulletblue: We do not accept Photomanipulations nor Stock Images!
:bulletblue: Minimal Editing is acceptable (a bit of enhancement) but way too much touching up will not be accepted!
:bulletblue: If you have any kind of questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!


This Folder is reserved for our Moderators to feature outstanding photos submitted by our Members.

Theme of the Week

Only for submissions based on set theme will be accepted. Please make sure you check the theme!

Abstract & Surreal

Abstract photographs characteristic of suggested shapes and pronounced colour harmony/dissonance without a distinct form. Photographs that use extreme imagery to extend the scene beyond realism are Surreal. This should be achieved with minimal digital editing.


Radiance by Einsilbig The Passenger by vtakac tropical Forest by Hengki24

Animals, Plants and Nature

Photograps of Animals, Plants and Nature.


My pug lover by HaleyCage The Journey Continues by Oer-Wout drops drops drops by MartinAmm


Images that contains the following subjects: Bridges & Suspended Structures, Exterior, Interior, Other & Statues & Monuments.


Peaks and Rails by da-phil Spirals by IsacGoulart Place i wanna live in.. by ZYXik


Conceptual photography, as part of conceptual art, is a genre in which the photographer attempts to illustrate a specific concept or idea to convey a message.


Surrealistic Fashion by joakimheltne cosmic fish by BirdSophieBlack


Photographs which have been physically developed and/or printed using traditional and alternative film darkroom techniques, or digitally processed with the use of computer software to emulate traditional and alternative film darkroom techniques. This is a technique-based gallery and is not for photographs which have simply been taken in a room which is dark! Description by EveryNextDream


darkroom my hair~ by chihirophotograper  .:man:. by Triodante 


Photographs of Firework displays.

Horror & Macabre

Photographs depicting horrific or disturbing imagery, using special effects, make-up or mood to create them. Images found in this category are sometimes adult or ideologically sensitive.


Moiraes by Ashitaro BP fear1 by yd84


Photographs that capture objects on a macro level, where objects are typically small and inanimate, features of a human being and nature.


<da:thumb id="413380494"/> The Underwater King. by OliviaMichalski Choose your colour by AronKwok


Submissions that does not fit into or mixes with other categories.

People & Portraits

Photographs of people, including portraits and photographs depicting human nature and emotion.


<da:thumb id="386630549"/> Refugee by Iszzzz High Hopes by Daizy-M


Photojournalism gives us newsworthy photographs wherein the primary motivation is to recount a story not assist a story.


nicole and brians day by scottchurch No Way! by ShakilovNeel Upside down by Cigognes

Still Life

Still life showcases studio-style photography that features inanimate objects.


0441 by Somebody--else  minz-limetten-wasser by lichtfaengerin  10.11 by absentiae


Street Photography is about people in context, in candid, unposed, and unstaged situations in public places, with no or minimum post-processing.


Pensamientos Cruzados by Mtoneko Walk Alone by panosozi Shopping Mall Dreams by batmantoo


Photographs of modes of transportation for people, animals and goods. This includes air, rail, road and space.


Britannia 70000 by wildbunchz  Free ride by roman-gp

Urban & Rural

Urban and Rural focuses on the surroundings of an area, rather than individual elements within.


0619 by foto-duet Speed by Camelibi The Green Corner by stengchen

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