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days go by...

Fri Nov 20, 2009, 4:41 AM

hey fellas!
time went by (over a year - huh!) and i'm still alive :)
next days i will update my profile with a bunch of images. some of you may have noticed that i already updated my website. i also got a new domain name so it is a bit more serious ;)
visit my website on!

so look forward for the new stuff!

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fresh stuff

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 29, 2008, 8:29 AM
I'm sorry, because i did no updates for so long time :(

Now i've brought a bunch of fresh stuff with me!
I added the [photo is (not) edited] label to the comments for better transparency.
I also noticed, that i'm heading up to the 5000th view!
Thanks to all watchers, favers and visitors!

light writing equipment by bitstarr how to mount light by bitstarr
fall came II by bitstarr fall came by bitstarr
summer grass by bitstarr perfect by bitstarr see the sea by bitstarr lonley flower without a name by bitstarr right angle by bitstarr walk into the sun by bitstarr dune grass by bitstarr watch the sea by bitstarr
non stop by bitstarr lonley toitoi by bitstarr watch the sky by bitstarr
the crossing by bitstarr plug in the real world by bitstarr sun and sea by bitstarr

P.S.: if someone wanna make me happy, buy me the new dA bag (130$ is too much for me - even with a good €uro)

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3000+ views and subsciption

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2008, 3:41 AM
Hey Fellas!
I recently noticed the over 3000 views!

btw i granted me a subsciption and the first hours let me know, it is it worth.

i like the css feature for the journal.

an other nice feature is the portfolio from the beta program.


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Thanks to all!
And of cause i celebrate! ... with some fresh stuff!

visit :iconstreet-lab:
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Hey Hey!
I shot my 10000th photo with my Canon PowerShot S2!

And i wanna thank all the watchers, favers and visitors vor the 2000+ views!

I love u all!

visit :iconstreet-lab:
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There is a litte steetart contest around virtual town today!

visit :iconstreet-lab:
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a new club, :iconstreet-lab: is in town. created by my pal :icona-fg: and me :)
it is a club for street-artists, so i would strongly encourage ppl who are interested to join the club!! :D check it out yeah! if so, be a lil' patient with the club, cause its really empty now but its comin' up!!
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damn this is so great! thanks to you all!
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i noticed it just today, but YEAH!
thank you journal readers, deviantion viewers and comment givers!
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300 views in i month, that's crazy!
thanks to all watchers, favers and visitors!
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thank you all!
i love dA! every other community is for looserz!
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i :heart: dA and all watchers, faver and visitors!
:blowkiss: :#1: :love:
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The person who featured me.
Forgot Your Underpants
To Watch You Go
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i had a very good weekend.

friday: i got the package with my 1st marker and my first mtn cans - great!
i used my marker immediately:…

saturday: my marker is magic ;)…
and i was so creative!…

sunday: going out, playing cross golf. what a fun!………
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You are awesome! Yes You!!!

Thanks a lot to you all!
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Appreciation Day?! What's the big deal??? What's the advantage for me? am i getting a subscription?
i don't want to stay hours in this chaotic da-chat rooms or write funny comments just for the comment it self...
if DA wants to do something for us, close down the ads and give everybody a fuckin subscription!

sorry for my bad english
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this evening i released my 6000th photo from my Canon PowerShot S2.…
in addition 700 page views are coming!
thanks in advance! i like every one of you :)
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that rockz! thanks to all of you!
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Yeah! DA is rockin'!
Thank viewers, favers and watchers!
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This… my 5000th photo i made with my canon power shot S2!
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