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Woman warrior

Mongolian woman warrior
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I love this so much
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This is so beautiful. Also, thank you for drawing a woman warrior who is actually wearing clothes!
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Fantastic GIFT you have...Awesome creation...Thank you for the share!
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Man, your work is amazing.
Is this available on print? I love this!!
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wonderful! beautifully done-
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Looking weary, great piece.
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Beautiful and strong! Striking style
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Excellent work! :thumbsup: :D
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Powerful, graceful, and elegant. Amazing work!
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Very nostalgic and very nice.
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Beautiful work!!
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Beautiful. I love it.
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Nice job. :nod: What tools did you use?
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very good work! :P too bad Anglo Saxon/Western Europeans people killed off most of the Native Americans... Indians..
Love the style. Marvelous.
wow unen goyo zurjee
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Aaaaaaaae! That's authentic!
Stunning. Beautiful.
I am indigenous. Native American. Beautiful art. Good job. And -
I am a Native American Brave. I have gotten tribal buzz, Native American and United States of American-united buzz, stories, been chosen tribally, and -
I am always too excited to say this -
I have been named THE Modern Native American Brave. Tomboy. yeah. most Braves (young adult - man - Native American Warriors) - are young men, traditionally and culturally, So - happily for me - the Brave potentials who are Tomboys are always traditionally and culturally important.
I am a Native American Brave. I have looked at all my entertainment and art (modern), and not seen the picture. Royally. Entertainment for me. Every Brave is different. They are all my best friends. Jokingly so, because I am the Tomboy Native American Brave, THE Modern Brave (leader) and I am encouraged to be competitive. So I'm joking and making fun of them. Anyway,
I am a Native American Brave. THIS is my individual Native American Brave. The Authentic. I must own this art (not that I can right now) and with this indigenous art you dudes MUST be a part of the Native American community with it - to keep it safe. Because this is not only authentic, but authentically modern Me. Very important indigenously. I Love it. Wow!
Do NOT lose it!
That's Me!
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