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Trying out the "journal", I want to make my first post and perhaps in the least eloquent way possible, introduce myself. I'm no "artist", unlike so many of the pages and images I've seen here with works and the "labors of love" I have seen from talented individuals. I know what's beautiful or intriguing or emotion rousing for myself, but in general? No clue. I don't profess to. Perhaps having a Deviant gallery of my own is even ridiculous, but I enjoy creating the images that I do, so why not.

So then, I am a somewhat emotional yet bottled up person. Introverted since I was a kid (proudly born in 1982), and a sci-fi junkie to boot (sorry for my condition, I was born a Trekkie.) Since I lack both physical attractiveness and definitely lack the social skills to impress the opposite sex, I have learned how to "actually" appreciate things that add any happiness to my life, no matter how absurd. Such as glitch and/or corrupted pixel art ;) I am an electronic nerd in general, and namely I (very loosely) consider myself an established musician. People play instruments with keys or strings for example, and I make music with trackers, my instruments being things like the Nintendo Gameboy or the Atari 2600. As for "art", this whole thing is strictly amusement for me. I take pleasure in data bending and glitching images, or creating my own basic imagery and then glitching the life out of that. I have a nostalgic and legitimate sense of fondness if not outright love in my heart for so called "retro computing" i.e. stuff I used growing up. I was actually a Mac kid and worshipped Steve Jobs when I was in Jr. High. That aside, I had learned and used MS-DOS at points in my youth as well, and I still have a machine dedicated to DOS to this day. I love it's positives as well as it's negatives, and likewise, I love codepage 437..... destruction :)

If you are reading this I feel I should say thanks for giving some nameless and easily forgettable geek a little attention. If you dig my imagery, I would say you are a weirdo, so you're probably my kind of people :) If you wish to check out my chiptune beats or are a car audio junkie and love ultra low digital bass oriented music, check out my work (which is 100% free) at

If you want to know me, ask me anything! You've probably gathered I'm a relatively open book.
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Submitted on
July 15, 2017