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Jimmy Moleskine Pages 1-2

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Published: October 3, 2009
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New moleskine. Named Jimmy.
It's a way to differentiate each moleskine when uploading them, I guess.

These pages have doodles, thoughts and other stuff done in the span of three days. Cause I've just been really....stuck lately.
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this is freaking amazing . . . i feel everything you've put on this page :/
and not to mention this inspired me to pick up my journal today :)

. . . "here comes the sadness that i've missed so much" <///3
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dovrebbe essere considerato pornografico da quanto è figo! ahahahah complimenti! :)
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tashizzle94Student Traditional Artist
beautiful! do you just sit down and let it flow or do you plan your drawings??
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I never plan it out...I wish I could because that would be very helpful sometimes. Thank you for the comment!
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atamadivaHobbyist Digital Artist
this one looks so deep that could be a diary page xD
also, nice colors and words.
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This is great. I just made a facebook group (sketchbookers society) for doodlers/sketchbook journalists. Its here [link] ...join and upload your work if you'd like!
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baptistevanStudent Artist
Are you writing in pen there or is that marker?
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Sharpie pen :/ It's more of a marker to me though.
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DSilStudent General Artist
Damn. You are a beast at moleskine spreads. I'm inspired!
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hi there...
this is really the colors and doodles.
I bought several sketch books and they have been sitting for weeks. I even have a professional easel in my living room with a large blank canvas on it, sitting and staring at me for months now.
I should just get off my behind and do something! How do you motivate? I sometimes feel that I'm "wasting" supplies or canvas and that fear keeps me from creating things.

I don't have a moleskine though, are they good for watercolors? I can't find a good sketchbook that will work with watercolors.
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AAAAHHHH. I know what you mean. The 'wasting supplies' does invoke a sense of fear.

Moleskines are very good for watercolors, yes. 'Hand book', distributed by global art materials is also a good brand..the paper isn't so thick. But the watercolor and gouache doesn't make the paper crinkle so much. I like it :]

And you should try! yes! I'm not sure how to answer the motivating question. Especially since i haven't been motivated for a while. But it just gets to the point where I say, 'enough of this shit! I have to draw, im losing myself'. and i do. i begin to draw without caring about a result...and thats when i feel like im getting somewhere.

good luck with the art :]
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I love it. That's one of those kind of moleskines I just wanna hold in my hands and thumb through. :3
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I love this. So much. It's stream of consciousness and I love it.
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Stream of consciousness, I like that. Thank you.
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you're welcome!
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Pure awesomeness . If you were a badass no one should give you a gun lol
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OrangeyyyStudent Traditional Artist
haha awesome, i love it how you just cram heaps of cool stuff together
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oh i just love the randomness of this :iconiminloveplz:
the little random monster-cartoon-things are so adorable (as is the mini-hitler. that mustache never looked so good!)
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hearttoankleStudent Photographer
: D
I really like the girl on the bottom right side.
(Please let me have gotten my left&right right just this once x3)

I want your style.
And your Hitler.
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Hahhaa, you can have the hitler :] And thank you btw :3
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My fave of the day c:
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