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My Bio
Cosplayer since 2006.
Mad photoshop skills and face twisting are my unique abilities. Also making a complete fool of myself in public comes out rather naturally. I also enjoy when I get to play a gentleman. Crossplaying sometimes is way more fun than just cosplaying and I can't fight the fact.
What I truly love about cosplay is the process of making and rewarding yourself with a good photoshoot afterwards. I suffer from an illness called photographer problems, altough I can't possibly say I'm that good at the actual art. Editing is my cup of tea.
One year of clothing artesan studies behind, many years of short film propping and clothing ahead. I actually should be scriptwriting! But a chronical writer's block is a good excuse, I guess?
I study film and television at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Art and Media department.
I'm a retired old lady by heart, honestly.

Favourite Visual Artist
Alan Lee, Osamu Tezuka, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Nik Ranieri, Ken Duncan
Favourite Movies
The Lord of the Rings, Priscilla, V for Vendetta, Kiki's Delivery Service, Paprika, Cloud Atlas, Hercules
Favourite TV Shows
Monthy Python, Hercule Poirot, Attack on Titan, Game of Thrones, House M.D.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sonata Arctica, Don Huonot, Samuli Putro, Hans Zimmer, Abney Park, Howard Shore, P!nk, Karmin
Favourite Books
The Lord of the Rings, The Count of Monte Cristo, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
Favourite Writers
Alexander Dumas, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, J.R.R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams
Favourite Games
Left 4 Dead, Stepmania, Ôkami, Pokémon and Crash Bandicoot
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS Lite
Other Interests
Animation, movies, comics, cosplay, RPG's, 50's fashion, BJD dolls, steampunk, vintage, history
Great, got your attention! I’m planning on doing a cosplay performance and I need two voice actors for it. The characters are an adult man and a teen boy. (roles that I can’t pull of with my voice, sadly) If you think you can pull off either one or both of the roles, contact me! The performance will be in English and I shall give out the script in English. If you are fluent in English I don’t mind you not being a native speaker at all. If you’re interested please contact me asap!
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Hi hello hi I'm still alive. I came here to inform you that I managed to make a facebook page for my cosplay stuff. It'll probably be a lot more active than my dA account so if you like to be in on what I'm doing, like and follow. Other news... well, there really aren't any. I have some bigger plans at work right now but they are really uncertain because of my working schedule during summer, so I'm not gonna advertise them too much. I'm excited about them but alas, real life. :C I'll be attending Animecon the next, bump into me there!
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The winter cons for the year are behind, Yukicon and Frostbite that is. I wore Armin Arlert from Shingeki at Frostbite and I'm still waiting for our photoshoot pictures of the event, let's see if there's anything worth putting up here! :> In other news I have a lot, a huge load of new cosplay plans now that I've been going around in circles with Shingeki for the whole year. A lot of them are outfits that I've been meant to do for the longest of times. I've promised to do a Weiss Kreuz costume and right now I'm feeling like doing the main brood master himseld, Aya Fujimiya. Because of some embarrassing fangirl bussiness with fokushii. I'v
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Arvostan watchiasi enemmän kuin uskotkaan :)
Sun ID on kaunis ja niin osuva. Ei mulla muuta
Kiitos, mä tiedän. : D
Kiitokset favesta! :heart:
Kiitoksia paljon watchista!

(...Menikin hetki yhdistää miksi olit niin tutun näköinen... Mutta Cosvision ja shoottailu. :D)

Paljon on sinulla hienoja kuvia ja cossejakin ~
Haha hyvä että naama ei ole ihan vielä muuttunut tunnistamatomaksi! : D

Kiitos oikein kovasti! Samat sulle mut sen varmaan jo arvasitkin watchista. <3
Ei ole ei, minä olen vain hidas! :D

<3 Oli muuten tosi mukavaa olla teidän kuvattavana, toivottavasti joskus uudestaan ~