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Braided Bun 2

By BiteMe107x
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This is extremely easy to do, keep reading if you want to know how to do it. If you can get your hair up into a pony tale thats at least 6 to 7 inches long then you can do this, any shorter I'm not quite sure, but you can always try. This took me about an hour just because we were going to do something different but as I was doing it I came up with this idea.

WHAT YOU NEED: Tiny clear elastics (for as many braids as you want), a strong hair elastic to use for the pony tale, bobby pinns (You never know how many you may need, I used around 25 for this, you may need more or less but its always better to have more just in case), Hairspray (You may not need it but Amanda needed it for her flyaways around the front of her face.)

Step 1: put all your hair (or what you want up) into a pony tale

Step 2: Take different size sections of hair from the pony tale and start braiding and use the little tiny elastics to secure them. (If you have layers your gonna get hair that sticks out and is fine, if you don't want them you can bobby pinn them but I think it looks better when its not completely neat, but it's all depending on how you want them)

Step 3: Start wrapping the braids from eather the top or bottom of the pony tale around the elastic that's holding all the braids and bobby pin them in just one bobby pin just to start and as you build up you can add more. (I found it easier to use the top braids first because the bottom braids were longer and hid the elastics that you saw on the front and sides.)

Step 4: onces you get to the middle you can actually start to place the braids in differant directions instead of just wrapping it around into another circle which will create the overlapping look.

Step 5: Go threw and bobby pin down the braids even more if you feel like there loose or doesn't look right use as many as needed.

Step 6: You don't have to but I suggest hairsparying at least the bun.

If you want to add any accessories go for it, If you try this I would love to see some photos. Good luck.
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