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I glanced at him. Not long, but long enough for him to notice.
He looked up, his eyes touching mine.
I looked away, my face feeling hot. And after awhile, I glanced back.
How to Kiss a Boy

Grab his waist
Slip your hand in his pocket
Steal his wallet
Don't even kiss him
Just run
•if you have an addiction, then be addicted. just not to what you'd expect. then, get your mind filled with it, think without it, and live within it. that way you won't be addicted anymore. cause that's just something you'd expect. and when you put your mind to it, its not all that bad.
    There was once a girl, who by a struck of fate, only saw what others couldn't and some could see. When light hit her eyes, both monochrome and highly tinted colors mixed into one.
    Her hair was like a gorgeously ripe lemon, sun-kissed and dusty.
    When you looked her in the face, you could see what she would, your life in her eyes. Yet, even though her eyes were hazy and glassed over, she always saw the best in people.
    She was beautiful to look at and yet hard to actually under stand.
    When you would run into her, it would be someplace you'd least expect. But once you'd try to find her, she's nowhere to be found.
    But because she lives in a paper town and her mind is as complex and filled with so much oblivion. You'd think, that's it, just think.
    Because in the next town, somebody died.
hey, I just wanna say that I'm having a pretty good day. but its still only the afternoon.
here's another good quote.
"He's cute. He's tall. He's got gorgeous eyes. And a stunning smile. I didn't say a name, but he popped into your head, didn't he?"
a favourite quote of mine!
gotta run!!