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Jet Set Radio

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Best game ever made. Even the OST is pure win on it's own

-Jet Set Radio Future, Beat, Gum, Corn, Yoyo, Roboy ©Smilebit,Sega
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A childhood favorite. Sega was foolish to not make more of this
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Youre 100% right! Its also my favorite! and soundtrack is just the best!
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This is awesome! Is there a high-res I can use for a wallpaper?
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Get up and get down!
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day 1247 and Sega still hasn't announced a new Jet Set Radio Future
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This game. Was my shit. If it were to suddenly appear on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I would be so done.

Nice Corn. Nice background art.

*Hums the bassline*
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God, I miss this game! Thank the heavens that somebody has good taste in games! *Thumbs Up*
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thanks! =) this game was such an atypical thing when it came out, it was hard not to like it
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One of the best i saw of these. 
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Falta el perrooo xd
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Jet Set Radio > Sunset Overdrive
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I loved this game, it's awesome
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it was difficult to not love it!
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that is a very good point
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Corn's taint.  Look at it LOOK AT IT!!!  Lol Love it
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lol haha, thanks man!
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My pleasure.  Haha
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The perspective on each character and the colour and little designs all over are just wonderful.
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thanks a lot!
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