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Northrop 'Gryphon' (Special Ops SST)

By Bispro
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Hi folks! My first new aircraft image in MONTHS! Reworked from the unmanned Northrop "Snark" of the 1950s.
Any comments will be appreciated...

"Don't believe everything you read or see!!"

© Stéphane Beaumort / AviaDesign 2013. This image depicts an imaginary model.
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jose77sanchezHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks ultra sleek! Where are its horizontal stabilizers? How can it keep horizontal flight without them? The only other aircraft without a stabilizer fin is the B-2 Stealth Bomber and that's only because it actually DOES have vertical stabilizers (or rudder)- but they are actually contained in the outer trailing edge of the wings almost nearer to the wingtips in a double-split fashion. It aerodynamically works by cancelling out the different air pressures on both sides top and bottom.
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From a Tomahawk, really like
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"hey, remember that missle that that we made that epically failed?" -- "yeah..." -- "lets make it into an airplane"
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teslasharkHobbyist Digital Artist
Love that XB-51/XA-45 head!
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Glad you like it! :-)
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lexxiiHobbyist General Artist
Well done:)***Submitted to :iconcutieshots: For Your Approval***INVITE To Join On Your Front Page:)
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I have nothing against a "Cutie Shots" group... but honestly, what does my aviation work have to do with it?!
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aero3-5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The "Snark" had a zero length launch with rocket boosters. I like this design, ever thought about doing this to an X-10?
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I'd love to try that! I need to find a quality photo of the X-10 that could lend itself to the modification... Thank for suggesting it.
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aero3-5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I believe that may be some photos in Jay Miller's book "X-Planes". I found a photo of the X-10 landing in a book entitled "U.S. Bombers 1928-1980s" by Lloyd S. Jones. The photo is on page 214, I hope that this helps. 
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I have already started working on that beast... It will be on the tarmac... ;)
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aero3-5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can hardly wait! I know it will be fantastic.
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It's here! Hope you like it. I might be doing another piece about the same aircraft soon (possibly a three-view arrangement).
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RoberdigiorgeProfessional Interface Designer
Great Work!
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Thanks!! :)
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Actually... Landing her would be... interesting.... Depending on how far back the wheels are given the under slung intake like that....

As for the why of building her? Because those employees working on all those sekrit government black projects have to get picked up and flown from all over the country. ;)

Awesome work as always. :)

Much cheers to you and yours.
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Why build her? Because they could! LOL
I haven't done the three-view arrangement for the Gryphon, but if/when I do I'll have to think of the landing gear carefully, and see how similar or how different it can be from the original Northrop Snark. Thanks for the comments!
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Awesome/amazing creations. :)

Wishing you and yours all the very best. 
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Thank you so much! Haven't been much on dA lately, sorry for the delayed reply...
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DA is more a kind of 'Hobby' site, no?

I always look forwards to what ever those I'm enjoying the art of. I completely understand the pressures of Real Life over every thing else.


much cheers to you and yours.
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Thanks! ;)
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For some reason.. I always feel like I should be saying that to the artists. :hug:


Very much cheers to you and yours.
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If it is single engined, that must be one hell of an engine.
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