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Bell-Grumman V-21 'Hoverbird'

By Bispro
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Grumman's C-2 "Greyhound" has been so successful a design that it's still in operational service over 50 years after its launch.
I wondered what it would have been like for Grumman to associate with Bell during the late 1970s to create a tilt-rotor transport that might have been operational as early as the late 1980s or early 1990s.

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dinobatfanProfessional General Artist
Hi! It's been awhile, and I've been way too busy with college, family, job search and what not. I really like this mix you did with the C-2 COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery) and the V-22. I think this is a great blend and idea! I wish the U.S. Navy would pursue it as the COD is getting to be a bit long in the tooth as it were age wise.  I have a special fondness for this as I've actually worked around and aboard many C-2s during my Navy time aboard the Carriers Nimitz and Reagan. I also have a great fondness for the V-22 as it is such an amazing and revolutionary an aircraft that I am so relieved it is finally getting it's due credit in actual service and production. I have followed the trials, tribulations, and history of this aircraft since it's beginnings. I also just saw my first actual V-22 in flight sighting here over my house yesterday. That plane is very fast, cool, and certainly has a very distinct sound to it. It was so cool to see! :D  Great work here as always, and I do hope this finds you doing very well where you are! :D
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Thanks a bunch for you continuous support and care! :)
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dinobatfanProfessional General Artist
Always!!! :D
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I just rescently came across this new VTOL design.

Maybe give you something to think about with your 'Hoverbird'?

Since the Osprey's version of putting the engines out on the wing tips leads to relatively high stresses etc, the 'Valor' approach seems like a good 'retro-fit' for your sky bus? ;)

Much cheers to you and yours.
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Nice and practical...I like it!
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Thanks a lot!
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Pixel-pencilStudent General Artist
Awesome work!
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Thanks! :D
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Always thought the US Coast Guard should have bought C-2s instead of the Falcons.
Sort of a baby C-130.
Don't know if it would be a good candidate as a tilt rotor.
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Thanks! Well, I'll try not to be subjective (being French I can only be glad that at least a couple of our aircraft found their way in the U.S. military roster, even if the USCG is not reallymilitary...) but I'd say the Greyhound may be a great aircraft to carry stuff and maybe people around, but more cumbersome and not anywhere as fast as the jet-powered Falcon 20 is.
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While I was on active duty, we took our ship annually through REFTRA in Gitmo.  We operated per navy standards.  Air stations and small boat stations then ran at a more casual level.  I was aircrew in the Dauphine, while it was a bit small, it had the smoothest rotorhead in the business.  It was about as smooth as a turboprop.  Our main problems were with the Lycoming engines crammed in to meet the 50% US content.  They were most of our maintenance effort.  We had to dye pen power turbines every 60 run hours.  There was a stop on the throttles that you opened up for hover.  If you lost an engine in a hover, you would cook the other one to stay in the air.  The engine that got you home was the one you scrapped.

I new operators of other Falcon models and they always seemed to be the pilots aircraft in its class.  The main issue is operating a jet low and slow.  Even with the ATF3-6, it is still a jet.  A good turboprop gives you adequate dispatch speed, but far better loitering time on scene.

I was sad to miss the last of the Albatrosses, what would have been cool is to have the Shin Meiwa US-1A.
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I'm a huge fan and supporter of flying boats. It breaks my heart to think that there is just so much potential here that is wasted. They keep building land airports while flying boats like the Shin Meiwa are perfectly safe and would make for a great alternative to Boeings and Airbuses on local and mid-range routes, offering possibilities such as lakes and rivers that the regular aircraft cannot reach. Ah well... :(
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The US had a huge flying boat push up to the 60s.
Mostly based on the cold war amphibious assault intentions.
But there were some great freak show aircraft, ie the Sea Dart.

The Soviets carried the ekranoplans up through the 70s

I guess all that is left in production is Canadair and Dornier for special service capabilities.
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Yep. And I love these!
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