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September 10, 2013
nice clickers by ~Bisparulz showed off his superb ability to take in this case a survival horror video game and interpret it in his own wacky humorous way. It is often hard to find that right balance, keeping the artist's own style while staying true to the original source, I think Bisparulz has done a fantastic job in capturing that! Also the giraffe is a nice touch <3
Featured by Ry-Spirit
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nice clickers

Ellie and Joel from 'The Last of Us'. =')
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want,,,print,,,,,so bad
Lokiscute's avatar
OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!the first thing you see when you open your eyes 
fabanamaria's avatar
bootyfulll Clem Epic face Clem Epic face Jake Fionna oooo 
robo-lobo's avatar
Saw this on face book a few weeks ago god i love it!:D (Big Grin) 
iLLusionalx97's avatar
This is an amazing job! Keep it up. :)
secretagentinc's avatar
Great style! You really captured the game!
Bisparulz's avatar
thanks so much. =')
Ceelele's avatar
Pffffffff this is effing awesome!! XD XD XD XD
Bisparulz's avatar
thank you. =')
Bisparulz's avatar
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clickers, clickers, I like clickers yes I do. clickers, clickers, I like clickers more than you.
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Why was this not in my favorites?

Love the detail. Even included Ellie's eyebrow scar.

Birei's avatar
Made my day. Thank You <3
RishuMisu's avatar
much cuteness :iconaaah-plz:
TheMichaelOrtiz's avatar
Nothing feels better than looking at awesome artwork from your favorite game! :)
BrittLong's avatar
I loved that game! This looks awesome!! xD This is my new desktop bg now, haha
Comming-Home's avatar
YES, Omg I love it. Adventure Time with Ellie and Joel X3
shadow6914's avatar
clicker time, come on grab your friend and we'll go to very, hostile lands with Ellie the kid and Joel the old man the terror will never end! it's clicker time!
ShrimpyMuffin's avatar
I LOVE THIS DRAWING, I have it as my BG on my computer!! :') <3
welovefine's avatar
Hello, I work at WeLoveFine and came across your work. This is a great illustration! We have an awesome 'The Last of Us' fan contest going on and it would be great if you considered submitting!…

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