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A Dragons Love

This is a pic i did for a girl in the group i belong too he he i have to hand color it later but i thought id post it so you can see!! I hope you like they are a male and a female
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Very well done!! Like the sketching!! Which is male and which is female?
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agh. much of the envy. i have made the attempt but vever realy succeed with dragons.....hat tips to you! i go dive into snowbanks now...boom!
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lol snow banks are cool i want to have a snowball fight here but i have a cold and is thus banned from staying out in the snow *stares outside* it looooks soooooooo pretty *licks the window* tis not fair to be sick!!........well anyway thanks fer commenting i really apreciate it!!....dragons are second nature for me i used to draw them alot before anime....but all the scetches dissapear and ive only draw this type of dragon three times so im quite proud of it!! thanks fer commenting!!
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i just finished being sick and and it still sota sicky(went from dying of the consumption to a really bad cold, blah) and have minor the cold now. but i had to miss four days of school. agh..makup work. but i'm lazy and procrastonating so ladee daa deee daaa....but these were such freaky awsome snow banks! it was one in parking lots where there twice the freaky ninny height! yes! i licked my window yesterday and my tongue got stuck! it was much the scary. but no firedept came and my dad pored hot water one the eindow adn i was free. whee! pleasure of comentering! wanda bot!
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This linework... the composition and the design of the scales... breathlessly beautiful.
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wow *is happy* I am glad you like it!! :hug: you have some amazing artwork also!!
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^_____^ Thank you. I'm just in awe of your linework, honestly... and some of the expressions and character designs are simply scrumptious...
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wow he he thanks i am honored really :hug: gosh today is good day !! he he i am in a more favorable mood!! he he :hug: :hug:
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guess my comment didn't show up...

This is very nice, you made them look as natural as actual living animals. =) besides the pretty scales.

Maybe dragons are monogamous? ^^
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lol maby who knows these ones are though he he thanks so much for commenting......i hate how deviant eats comments.....*growls* bad deviant bad!!
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Very sweet. ^^ reminds me of a set of dragons that a friend and I RP.
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he he cool i wish i could rp as a dragon.....*must be one with the dragon....think like a dragon*
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Aaaawe, that's sweet ^__^ and you put such astounding detail into the scales. It's amazing *__*
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thanks so much he he its gonnah be a pain in the arse to watercolor but Im gonnah do it!! he he !!
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*gets all starry eyed* this is fabulous lovey. You kick some serious ass.
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thank you this pic makes me wish i had never stopped drawing dragons. I used to all the time but i never found out how come this style of dragon is what i draw now....ive never drawn them like this before!!
Vampirella87's avatar
Woooow... the details are awesome :faint:
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thank you so much!! he he I love it too alot he he!!
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Amazing lineart - simply amazing. T.T
bishounenhunter's avatar
thank you so much he he :hug: I am soooooooo happy you like.
sebastardian's avatar
awesome as always! :furious:
bishounenhunter's avatar
he he thank you he he *gives you a salute* I am happy to live up to your standards SIR!!.
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That's really CUTE :D Great lines :)
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thank you so much i am glad you like the linework he he !! though i really need to get my lazy butt to work on coloring them all!!
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