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Dominion Class Dropship

Don't have exact stats yet. It's designed for Dean Schwichteberg's Board Game he's designing.

That said, this is a an approximately Overlord sized (slightly heavier) class Dropship, meant to act as a pocket warship and punch through heavy enemy blockades. While carrying the usual array of Mech Class Weaponry, in the bow is a Medium Sub Capital Cannon (a capitol class railgun in his game universe, referred to as "iDSU" for simplicity hereafter.), while above each lading gear housing is a twin tube Piranha Sub Capital Missile launchers (anti ship torpedoes iDSU) , for a total of 8 tubes, each with 3 reloads.

This did come at the cost of Mech Carrying Capacity, with it's complement reduced to 12 machines.  The 6 Aerospace bays were retained (small/craft shuttles iDSU), as well as copious cargo capacity.  Plus the Mech bays themselves were designed for easy conversion for Vehicles or cargo, being a Dropship Designed during the Dark Age (battletech universe, because Commerce iDSU).

An oddity are the 4 honeycombed domed observation rooms,(iDSU shield projectors). They have redundant bulkheads and are covered by an armored clamshell in combat, but are an odd extravagance, chalked up to the eccentricities of the Lyran Social General responsible for the creation of the design. He said that he found being able to enjoy an unimpeded view of space while on long journeys was good for morale. (one could also replace them with the usual missile domes seen on some traditional dropship illustrations, which has been done on most orders)

Most other militarily planners say he's a looney. (but such is the fun of trying to juggle designs to function in 2 different game universes.)

One further oddity is an attempt to create an AMS than could effectively counter Sub Capital  and Capital class missiles by mating a Rotary Class 5 autocannon to a similar sensor and fire control package to a traditional AMS system.  The design carries 2 total with the similar weapons bay in between carrying Arrow IV Missile Launchers.

So. Guess I need to figure out how to build a Dropship in current rules, eh?
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An interesting Spheroid class dropship design. I really like the bottom section and how it works well with the sphere top as well as also breaking up the shape of it. Love the landing gear arrangement!

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I think this is a good first outing for your first dropship. I think AMS can also shoot down capital missiles. Might I suggest talking to a fellow DAer named Sharlin as he has a passion for battletech warships.

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