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We are a club that admires and shares our love for bishounen/biseinen (pretty boys and men) in the forms of digital and traditional art, written art, and photography.
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7,925 Members
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Allowed & Not Allowed in Our Group


:bulletwhite: Fanart

:bulletblack: Original work (including artwork and writing; for writing see fanfiction below)

:bulletwhite: Icons

:bulletblack: Tutorials (if you have some that are relevant)

:bulletwhite: Cosplay photos (if you cosplay bishies)

:bulletblack: Screenshots

:bulletwhite: Photos of real bishie boys (YOU MUST KNOW THEM IN PERSON)

:bulletblack: Fanfiction (must be detailed and describe characters clearly)

:bulletwhite: Shounen-ai (within the range of what deviantART submission policies allow please)


- Boy love (may have nudity, but no full-frontal or penetration)

- Blood & gore (appropriately flagged in your deviation for mature content)

- Nudity (certain parts must be hidden)

:star:Not Allowed::star:

:bulletblack: Full-frontal nudity (this group does have younger members)

:bulletwhite: Any hardcore imagery of yaoi or the like (again, for the fact there are younger members)

:bulletblack: Hate imagery

Note: Please limit your submissions to 3 per week so that the gallery nor our members get flooded. Thank you. -Cherise75, Admin


OC-kun ver 2.0 by N-ERU OC-kun ver 2.0 :iconn-eru:N-ERU 7 0 Auction Adopt (CLOSED) by 606sos Auction Adopt (CLOSED) :icon606sos:606sos 85 7 Auction Adopt (CLOSED) by 606sos Auction Adopt (CLOSED) :icon606sos:606sos 87 11 ADOPTABLE WOLF DEMON -ALIARA art not for sale by ALIARAadoptable ADOPTABLE WOLF DEMON -ALIARA art not for sale :iconaliaraadoptable:ALIARAadoptable 18 2 Kof: Chris joins Athena band group by KawaiiStorm Kof: Chris joins Athena band group :iconkawaiistorm:KawaiiStorm 63 5 CM 14 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 14 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 133 75 THE ORDER page 104!! by ErotixXx
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THE ORDER page 104!! :iconerotixxx:ErotixXx 7 0
NO GUNS LIFE by Telemaniakk NO GUNS LIFE :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 99 5 hanakokun by Telemaniakk hanakokun :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 100 1 sketching by Telemaniakk sketching :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 144 5 hanakokun by Telemaniakk hanakokun :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 135 1 Rago by barananduen Rago :iconbarananduen:barananduen 102 30 Hurrak - On Wings of Green by barananduen Hurrak - On Wings of Green :iconbarananduen:barananduen 144 41 OC Sheet - Acubens Cancri by CepheusArt
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OC Sheet - Acubens Cancri :iconcepheusart:CepheusArt 60 12
demon slayer by Telemaniakk demon slayer :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 56 0 Demon slayer by Telemaniakk Demon slayer :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 145 5

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Cosplay and Photography
Mettaton Maksim [1/2] by W-O-T-A-N
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The Stage is Set by setsunoe
Persona 5 by deviousXgirl
Community Awards
Comm. Award - Cherise75 by Bishie-Lovers-Unite
KuramaxReader: Worthy to Fight Part 38The final game between Kurama and Amanuma was nerve-wracking. Amanuma came so upset that he started to shake and then cry. As a result, he lost focus on the game and ended up losing. As soon as he lost, his territory disappeared leaving Amanuma lying on the ground with the game and game console next to him. Yusuke went to talk to him, but stopped in place when he saw the furious look on Kurama’s face. You guys sent Genkai and Kaito back out of the cave with them carrying Amanuma with them. You, Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke and Mitarai continued though the tunnel. “How much further is it Mitarai?” You asked walking next to Kurama, who has been quiet since the end of the game with Amanuma. Mitarai turned to look at you. “The cave veers left in fifty meters. That’s the center. Sensui will be there.” Your group continuing until you came upon an opening. When you entered you saw Sensui sitting on a couch with his back to your group. Kuwabara was sitting on a boat in a small lake with Gourmet, behind them was the opening portal. Kuwabara cried out, but it was muffled by the gag in his mouth. Yusuke called his name in response. Sensui started talking about how evil humans were, it was then you noticed he was watching the Chapter Black. You tuned Sensui out as he continued talking. You groaned. “You really like to hear yourself talk don’t you? I mean, God, I’ve never heard someone talk as much as you.” Sensui turned around sharply and glared at you. “Shut your mouth, you filthy half-breed." “Oh I’m so scared.” You said sarcastically. Sensui scoffed. “Makihara.” Gourmet appeared next to Sensui. “Defeat Makihara, and I’ll return Kuwabara.” Yusuke got angry and was about to step forward. Kurama whispered to Yusuke to say calm. “Mitarai, I guess you’re just here to save Kuwabara, huh? Sensui’s okay with that, but don’t do anything that might upset the balance. He’s made a deal, and he’ll stick to it.” Gourmet turned to Kurama. “As for you, Kurama, you’re not pleased you had to kill Amanuma, are you? You’re sick and angry about it, in fact. Yusuke figured out that Gourmet had killed Murota, a human who had obtained the power to read minds when the portal started to open. You growled. “You bastard.” “(Name).” Kurama warned. You looked over at him. “Kurama?” “Leave this to me.” Kurama pulled out his rose and made it into his whip. “It’s me he’s after anyway. You save your strength to beat Sensui.” You looked down faintly. “Alright Kurama.” Kurama took a step forward and with a snap of his wrist, Gourmet’s head split in half from ear to ear. Everyone, but you were surprised by this. You had trained with Kurama so much that you had no problem seeing the attack. Kurama looked down at Gourmet’s body. "You’re a lousy actor, you know that? Show yourself Toguro.” Everyone gasped; you had a feeling something wasn’t right from Gourmet. He didn’t act like a normal human. “Your emoting aside, I can smell you.” Out of the chin of Gourmet’s body another head made it’s way though; it was Elder Toguro’s head. “Didn’t fool you for a second, eh? Your sense of smell has become quite acute.” Elder Toguro explained that Sensui had found most of his head and Elder Toguro and told Sensui all about Yusuke. Sensui then explained that he had Gourmet devour Elder Toguro to give him a new body. Elder Toguro basically killed Gourmet from the inside out. “That’s enough.” Kurama cut in. "You’re had your fun, sum.” Elder Toguro yelled more annoying nonsense. He and Sensui sure enjoyed talking. White smoke started to pour from Kurama’s hands. The smoke slowly covered the area, making it so the rest of you couldn’t see Kurama and Elder Toguro. All your team could hear was Elder Toguro yell about him killing Kurama. Yusuke looked over at you. “(Name), what’s Kurama doing?!” You glanced over at the black haired teen from the corner of your eye. “Calm down Yusuke. There’s no way that leech could ever beat Kurama.” You looked back at the smoke and then pointed. “Look for yourself.” Yusuke looked and saw Kurama walking out of the smoke. “Toguro’s finished.” Kurama announced. “Finished?! He’s still fighting, but you’re here, Kurama then who?” Yusuke asked. The smoke cleared revealed Elder Toguro attached to some plant. He was screaming something about why wouldn’t someone die. That someone was obviously Kurama. “That tree is a parasite that casts illusions to lure in its prey.” Kurama explained. “I planted the seed when I decapitated him.” “I thought I saw something when you first attacked him. Besides, it wasn’t your fighting style to lash out like that.” You commented. “Good eye (Name).” Kurama looked over at Elder Toguro’s withering body. “That tree will hold him until its sucked every trace of life from him, but Toguro can’t die. He’ll fight my ghost,” Kurama paused for a moment, “for all eternity.” Your team turned to the only two enemies left, Sensui and Itsuki. Yusuke demanded Kuwabara back because Kurama had beaten Toguro. However, Sensui said that he already did. ou looked and saw the boat was empty. our team whipped around and saw Kuwabara was sitting behind your group still tied up. Yusuke ripped Kuwabara’s gag off. “How’d you get here?!” Kuwabara seemed freaked out by what happened. “I was grabbed by these weird hands and thrown into darkness…” Your eyes widened as you turned around and saw Itsuki looking at your team. You quickly jumped high into the air as a face appeared under your team. Your team was swallowed by the creature. You landed few feet away from the thing. Itsuki started to melt into the ground. “I’ll see to the others.” Itsuki then disappeared and the creature stretched itself over the wall like a large shadow. You and Sensui were left alone. Sensui turned to look at you. “Should have guessed the half-breed filth would figure it out.” You ignored Sensui’s comment and glanced at the shadow creature. “No harm will come to them in there correct?” “They are being kept there to be out of the way.” “Good, then I don’t have to hold back anymore.” You closed your eyes as your spirit energy rose and circled around you. “I guess I beat Yusuke.” You smirked as your eyes snapped open. They were their deep red color. “I’m going to be the one with the pleasure of beating you.” Sensui scoffed. “I’ll kill you quickly. I don’t wish to waste my time on filth like you.” “Don’t underestimate me,” you charged at Sensui, “or you’ll regret it!” You started to throw multiple punches at Sensui, but he dodge or block all the hits. You growled as you jumped back. “After all that talk, this is all you got.” Sensui cracked his neck. “I must say, I’m disappointed.” “That’s not even a third of what I can do.” You held your hand out in front of you. Your necklace slid away from your neck and into your hand forming into your signature spear. You spun the spear around a few times and then got into fighting stance. “Now let’s see how you do against this!” Sensui formed a hundreds of spirit orbs around him. “I admit that weapon of yours is something to be concerned about. That is unless,” Sensui shot the orbs at you. “I keep you on the defense.” You dodged and hit back as many of them as you could, but there was just too many of them to avoid. Several of them hit you sending you flying into the wall on the far side. You back smashed against the wall and you gasped out, spitting out some blood. You body fell down to the ground. You caught yourself before your face slammed into the ground. You stood up straight and wiped the blood away from your mouth. “Beginners luck.” “I plan on having more luck then.” More of Sensui’s spirit orbs appeared around him. "As long as you have that close rang weapon, you wont being able to reach me. So just give up and die.” “Just shut up and fight!” “As you wish.” Sensui shot his orbs at you. You stood in place and then swiftly threw your spear at Sensui. You then quickly crossed your arms in front of you and pulled your head in to avoid being hit too much by the orbs. Meanwhile, Sensui moved to dodge the spear. You looked up as the orbs finally finished passing by. You had gotten several news wounds on your body from that move. Sensui, however, was unharmed from your attack. “That was a pretty desperate move, half-breed. How did you expect that to really hit me?” You laughed, throwing your head back. Sensui raised an eyebrow at you. “What is so funny?” You lowered your head to look at him. “I find it funny, how stupid you are. You obviously didn’t bother to learn about how much stronger I’ve become since our last fight.” Your right hand twitched at your side. “Big mistake!” You slashed your right hand up across your body and over your left shoulder. Your spear had reformed itself behind Sensui’s back, turning it a scythe. At your command the scythe shot up and cut through Sensui’s right wrist severing his hand from the rest of his body. You caught the scythe as it soared over to you. “I told you not to underestimate…” Before you could finish your sentence, you felt a sharp searing pain in your left side. You coughed up blood that then trickled down to your chin. You looked down and saw a large bullet wound that had pierced straight though your side. You looked up again and saw Sensui glaring at you. It was still Sensui, but his facial expression was completely different, it was filled with rage. The most alarming thing is where his right hand had once been, there was a small gun built into his wrist. “You bitch!” Sensui growled. “I’ll kill you for that!” This fight had just got a lot harder.
Dravimir sketch by CecilMateus
IDs and Avatars
Auction Adoptable - Gold flame [CLOSED] by pogogu
Original Digital
Kematian by AkuNoKarisuma
Original Traditional
Rebel Prince by Princess-Tria
Original Digital II
Original Digital III
Original Digital IV
[Art Trade] Gebrochen by Parziivale
Fanart Traditional
Doukyuusei by AsiMakri
Fanart Digital
Tokyo Ghoul by hammie-d
Fanart Digital II
I'm Still Holding This Trophy, Carlos... by KayMarie94
Bishie Tutorials
YCH OPEN by VanillaNena
Contest Submissions
On the Hillside by IrrationalDreamer
I've been on a deviantart hiatus for the last while, and come back to finding the rules I set in place 14 years ago being broken..
I will reiterate, once again, that in this group we do not permit full frontal nudity. AT ALL! There are other groups for such things, please submit such works to those types of groups.
Secondly, this group is geared toward bishounen men. Not women. Men.
While yes, art that has females in it is allowed, there must ALSO be a male character in it. Please do not submit art that only has females.
I will be searching for new mods hopefully soon that are active to help in keeping this group safe for everyone and focusing on male characters.
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