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Reply to this journal entry to apply for a new Bishel dragon stage.   More information about growing your dragon is available on the Bishen Realm website:…

When you should use this form:
  • Wyrm stage
  • Shrape stage
  • First Bishen stage
  • Completely new Bishen image

If you are just trying to earn a new magical object, ability, or attack, you can use the form for Magical Object, Ability, and Attack Requests.

If you only want an addition made to your current Bishel dragon stage image, use the form for Stage Addition Requests.

Important: Your dragon must be active for you to request a new stage, which means that all its previous story pieces are available online.  If this is not the case, please see the post about Reactivating a Dragon for steps you need to take and do not request a new stage at this time.

Copy and paste the form below and include it in your reply.  I will review and let you know if there are any issues.  If your request is accepted, it will be added to the To-Do list.

Please remember to link your submission(s) back to the Bishen Realm website.  Take a moment before you post to review the rules and make certain you have followed them all:…

Dragon: [name]
Age Requested: [Wyrm/Shrape/Bishen]
Submission Link(s): [This is the story piece you are submitting to earn this request.  Include title(s) if you like, and remember to check that all pieces are linked back to the Bishen Realm website.]
Special Requests: [Let me know if you have any special requests for the stage... clothes/accessories/items, pose, scars.  It supports your requests better if these things appear in your story.  If the things you ask for are too insane and not really supported by your application, I may ask you to tone it down a bit.  Then again, you never know unless you ask... ;)]

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Dragon: Shamaunij
ID#: mc134f
Age Requested: Shrape
Submission Link(s):…  (pages 42 to 65 D:  what is wrong with me.)
Special Requests: Indy.  Indy, fingers.  Tentacles?  Extra tails?? LIMBS OF SOME KIND.  oh god watching this tiny snake kid type is worse than watching my 80-year-old uncle navigate the internet.  please.  save her.

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Woot, accepted!
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Dragon: (will be named after hatching)
ID#: mc135f
Age Requested: Wyrm
Submission Link(s): Royalty (pages 4 - 14)
Special Requests: Nope, I'm just gonna sit over here and nervously await my turn. I hope you like my storyyyyy~ :heart:
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??? [mc135f] - Wyrm Stage by indyana
indyana's avatar
Accepted! :heart:

(Meanwhile, Indyana read the stats blurb over my shoulder and is like, "BANDITS?!  POACHERS?! Not at MY Refuge! *rushes off to battle!*"  ... -_- )
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Dragon: (will name when hatched.. *pokes Issa* Riiiiiight? >.>)
ID#: mc137m
Age Requested: Wyrm
Submission Link(s):…
Special Requests: Up to you~ <3!

indyana's avatar
Boom! Hatched!

??? [mc137m] - Wyrm Stage by indyana
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Dragon: Benedict
ID#: mc100m
Age Requested: Additions to bishen stage?
Submission Link(s):…
Special Requests: If you could add on the mating gift Sharona's going to give him, I'd really appreciate it?  She'll be giving him a rather masculine necklace / collar made of parts of her iron harp, specifically the wildflower work that Havelock did on it.  I always imagined the harp largely blackwork with maybe a little bit of color for the flowers (reds & deep greens).  I know his pose doesn't really allow very much to be shown off, and I'm okay with that if you are, but I'm also totally leaving a lot of the detail up to you, because she'll be having one of the resident Realm metalworkers do it for her.  :heart:
indyana's avatar
Stage addition done! :)
Benedict [mc100m] by indyana
indyana's avatar
Also accepted!
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Dragon: Sharona
ID#: mc88f
Age Requested: Bishen

Submission Link(s):…… (CONTINUING THE NOBLE TRADITION OF FANFICKING INDY INTO OUR STORIES :D also for clarity, please note that the events of page 19 are [probably? lol] not due to any supercharging my dragon, just the black witch's own aversion to music - like an allergy or a bane against it)

Special Requests: Freaking bard.  If she could have some kind of stringed instrument (she's probably going to go for a wooden lyre now that her harp is totally dead), that'd be super awesome.  I've always imagined she wears it on her right shoulder with some kind of leather harness rig, but however you want to do it will be lovely.  Also, Benedict is going to give her a gold filigree horn wrap with a little pendant piece when they officialify their mating. and again if whatever magic object she gets can be worn...? .... she's got a lot of STUFF.  geez, lady.  lol
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Two dragons for the price of one! Actually Raphael has been close to being done for ages now, I had most of theses chapters written out. Now I just need to get Kyrie to adulthood. *rolls* which will take much longer because I have much more story to tell. However I updated the layout to have a link to the Bishen Realm <3.

Dragon: Raphael
ID#: mc89m
Age Requested: Bishen
Submission Link(s): Pages 21-23
Special Requests: Again, none. O_o not entirely sure what sort of magic the darling is going for but... *shrugs*
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Hi, Kari,

Reading through the story again and wanted to mention that the Job 22 "Next" button doesn't link to 23 yet; you can only get to 23 via the Menu page.
karimuffin's avatar
Fixed. I uploaded the wrong set of files apparently.
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And... accepted! Dancing :la: 
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Dragon: (Will be named when hatched)
ID#: mc136m
Age Requested: Wyrm
Submission Link(s):……
Special Requests: Surprise me!
indyana's avatar
Image above broken for some reason... O_o

Bastian [mc136m] - Wyrm Stage by indyana
indyana's avatar
Accepted!  Thanks, Kari. :heart:
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I am a terrible person, and I couldn't get out of my driveway today.  SO WHY NOT HATCH A DRAGON?!

Dragon: (will name when hatched)
ID#: mc134f
Age Requested: Wyrm :D
Submission Link(s):… (ahahahahaha *ahem*)
Special Requests:  :heart:

EDIT: Also, evidently maybe they are bondmates?  I don't even know anymore.  *throw hands in air*
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