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Reply to this journal entry to apply for a magical object, ability, or attack for your dragon.  More information about training and earning magical abilities is available on the Bishen Realm website:…

You should only use this form when requesting additional magical powers for Bishen.  If your dragon is a shrape trying to become a Bishen, please use the form for Stage Requests.

Important: Your dragon must be active for you to make requests, which means that all its previous story pieces are available online.  If this is not the case, please see the post about Reactivating a Dragon for steps you need to take and do not request a new stage at this time.

Copy and paste the form below and include it in your reply.  I will review and let you know if there are any issues.  If your request is accepted, it will be added to the To-Do list.

Please remember to link your submission(s) back to the Bishen Realm website.  Take a moment before you post to review the rules and make certain you have followed them all:…

Dragon: [name]
Submission Link(s): [This is the story piece you are submitting to earn this request.  Include title(s) if you like, and remember to check that all pieces are linked back to the Bishen Realm website.]
Type Requested: [Magical object OR Ability/Attack]
Add to Dragon Image? (Magical Object Only): [Yes if you want this object added to your dragon's current stage.  No if you want a separate object image.]
Request Description: [A brief description of what you're trying to earn.  You can include additional references not included in your submission if you like.  Remember that these powers must be earned via your submission. If I feel you've asked for something too powerful for the submission you have provided, I will ask that you either tone down the request or edit and re-submit your application.]

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