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Dragons based on stories by you
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Aww, I'm happy and sad that I found this group. I remember these dragons from years ago. So much nostalgia.
Hi, is this group still active?
No, sorry, I've been arting very little these past few years due to some physical issues. :/
It's ok, thank you for answering ^^

No, problem. If you can follow the group or me for updates, I am slowly recovering and getting back into arting again. Output will be slow for a bit so I don't overdo it and re-injure myself. ^_^;

Which journal entry would I go to if I have an older dragon image and I want to find out if you can change the background color to match a new layout?  Is that stage additions?  Redraws?  Um.......????????  D:
No, just note/email me.  I can look at that out of band, since it doesn't require any new drawing work.