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2018 Summary of Art by Bisguit89 2018 Summary of Art by Bisguit89
I don't think that I had improved a lot, but I'm happy with how is my art.

Edit: added description
And now, I'm going to talk about every drawing (this might be long)

Jaunary: Oh boi, that drawing SUCKS, atleast as a lineless style, on that month I tried to experiment with lineless art, the drawings of Neytirix inspired me to do this style.

February: This was a request that someone asked on youtube (yes, I had a youtube channel) and it took me a lot of time to finish it.

March: Here, I just wanted to make less colorful and a more "off tone"

April: Back to the colorful drawings, I also started making animatronics with more fluff . and I also changed my type of shading.

May: This month I didn't draw that much, so this is the "best" I had.

June: Again trying to make a more less colorful tone.

July: This one I actually was and still proud of it, it was the first time I took my time to put more detail on a drawing, here I took some time to make lighting on specific areas and reflections.

August: First I felt that I failed with this didn't look how I expect it...but after some comments from some people, I actually felt better about it and the next day after doing it, I actually felt proud (idk, maybe I was tired and I thought it sucked)

September: This drawing was for a collab! this was the first time that I did a more thick lineart and I liked how it turned out.

October: I was experimenting with the shading and I tried to give it serious ambient.

November: I tried to make a different type of shading

December: Here I used another tool to make the blending with a texture that idk how is pronounced in english
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2018 Summary of Art BLANK
ArcacaT Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Hobbyist
Wow, you've really improved x3 Your art is now more magical and mysterious. I love it. 
Bisguit89 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah- Thank you!!^^
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