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Melody and Ariel

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So sweet and cute! perfect mother daughter photo!
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Ariel's daughter
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Impressive cosplay! :D
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aw so cute! :D
Awesome costumes! ^^
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Oh my gosh, this is awesome!! They look just like Ariel and Melody!! Great picks for the cosplay!!
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nice photo!
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god this is cute.
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I LOVE MELODY!!! This rules!!!
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Mother and daughter!!!
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Aw, that's so cute. :love:
I love this! <3 <3
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Nice job to both of you :)
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I love the cosplays especially Ariel.
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VERY nice!!! I especially love the costumes. What materials did you use to make them :)?

Although "The Little Mermaid" is way better, I personally prefer Melody more than Ariel. Because unlike Ariel, Melody actually learns her lesson and changes by the end of the film. I think Melody herself is the one (and perhaps the only) redeeming factor in "The Little Mermaid 2".

I really liked the film's premise-- half-mermaid girl discovers her mermaid heritage--but I feel it could've been way more original and/or fleshed out. Liz Kessler's "The Tail of Emily Windsnap" takes that same premise, but handles it MUCH better: (feed-back welcome!) [link]

(More about the book here:

Keep up the good work !!!
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That's so awesome!!
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Wow this is a good picture.
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