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"I'm going to condense 8 weeks work into 8 minutes, alright. I've figured it out with maths, this is much more efficient."



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I'll be casually uploading UnEdited commissions to my Scrapbook, ones still on the backburner that I have yet to finish.
After weeks of struggling to continue, there is real progress made on the book again! Changed some things for the better since my original direction, at the point I was stuck, was going nowhere. Looked at basics and where I was in the story and what would be a way of carrying on the pace. Eventually, I felt quite stupid that the simplest plot point really helped in progressing. I must also mention the increasingly passionate support and encouragement from my proof-readers and friends that have read the current drafts have been massive in supporting my work thus far. Even though I keep asking them, please be constructive - I want to know where I am going wrong. :P But they all express excitement to learn more about these characters. I will release this book this year. I want to and I don't want to let those that like these characters down either.
I wonder what goes through people's mind sometimes. Like someone who thinks they're smart when they're just being foolish and embarrassing themselves? Now, I don't typically call people out on their BS, but I'm about to. solidzesnake made a couple of comments relating to a friend of mine on my page - hurling abuse like an internet tough guy. I'm perfectly aware that in the past there has been some animosity and accusations directed at her since she has a personality that they consider abrasive. I don't particularly enjoy seeing those comments littering my page, so I respond, as I do with the level of dry sarcasm I can manage with text. Only a few hours later he's hidden the comments and blocked me. Wow. Two comments and you're that intimidated by me? Why did you even bother posting those if you are not considerate enough to partake in any dialogue? Next time, think before writing a comment. Especially if you're going to cower behind the block wall afterwards.
Slow and steady work on the book. Had a period of writer's block and my sessions vary in length and progress at the moment, as well as inconsistent working days - got into the routine of doing it every Friday & Saturday mornings as my days off, but of course, work had to go mess that up and affect my routine. But progress is progress, and I have managed 15,000 words at present.

In other news; I'll have a couple of commissions up to share soon, hopefully.
Happy is me! I've just hit the 10,000-word mark on my novella after two weeks to the day. I'll take that any day. Just got to keep on going, working on it daily until it's finished! :D
This is a decision I've made due to my intentions for writing and publishing books - mainly in an attempt to separate my personal stuff from "professional." While this will not take immediate effect, as there are a few landmarks I want to hit, there are a few changes incoming:

  1. Frenzy will no longer be available on my DA page. This is due to the series changing quite a bit since I created the character and my desire for a fresh start as it were. So I will create a Tumblr page dedicated to it. It also means I could get more risque with submissions if I so desired. I will put a link once I have laid the groundwork. Plus, I think that most of you watchers appreciate the more fetish stuff I put on here, which leads to my next point;
  2. Vore will remain on here and will not go away; this also means any stories I publish freely being available here. Of course, any pieces breaching DAs policies will not be here. For that, I have Eka's Portal, under my old moniker of BiscuitDude.
  3. Transformation pieces will still be published on here as I feel that is how the bulk of my original viewers found me. This does also mean I will eventually be revisiting a certain fan-fiction I started but never finished. Also potential for other bits of transformation fiction.
  4. This account will predominantly be the home for "Kris' Predicaments" and as a gallery for commissioned work since I do not trust my artistic skills - I will be cleansing my gallery of my old work that I no longer wish to share. However...
  5. There is the possibility of 3D artworks being published on here that I create. I picked up DAZ3D in the last 48 hours and enjoyed playing with it, relatively stress-free. We will see how this particular point transpires as I have a full schedule as it is with full-time work and writing and home caring and video gaming and so on.
That's about it. Not much, but just so all of you that care knows what's going to happen.
Routines. Call it monotonous and dull, but having just a bit of structure can go a long way.

Recently I took a long look at myself and decided I must change the way I think and operate on a day to day basis if I want to realise my ambitions. Last year I tried to get another job, which failed, so that got me down, too. Since I couldn't change that at the moment, and the repetition of failed attempts was having a damaging effect, I looked at the little things I could control. It's all started from small, simple; some could consider trivial things; sleeping patterns, workspace alterations, reducing my video game sessions. That last point was a big thing for me, as I would easily play long into the god-awful hours of the morning until I could no longer keep my eyes open. What this resulted in was very unbalanced sleep patterns - I would usually get an average 5-6 hours sleep on work days, wake up with just enough time to get ready and rush into work. I would feel pretty shitty all day, and this just continued to have a knock-on effect with each passing day. To the point where I would need to take a nap for a couple of hours or fall asleep much earlier than I would typically. I didn't realise this until now, but it was hardly living. It felt like I had no time at all and the days kept getting shorter and shorter. Drinking a high amount of fizzy, sugary drinks in the evenings did me no favours either. As a result, I have changed when I have those beverages.

Now I get a reasonable amount of sleep each day, wake up ready for the day, not allowing fatigue to get me down throughout a long working day. Plus, the days do not feel as short as they were when I was in that cycle from before. And, ultimately, as a result, I have finally got my passion back for writing. I tidied up my workspace, and, oddly, found wearing headphones stinted my creativity. Instead, I stream a playlist of music I find relaxing to a speaker system. Two weeks ago I committed myself to write a story again. With this rejuvenating experience, I figured what better way than to work on the darling that initially got me going: Frenzy. I teased a couple years ago things were changing, well now I am putting them into effect. And it feels fantastic! Over the past two weeks, I have managed to write a short story's worth of text, and there is still more work to do! Every day I wake up wanting to add more! Even if it's just a few hundred words or a thousand, I am just so happy to be making progress with something that I am passionate about, even more so when I thought that spark had long fizzled out.

What has also helped is sharing the story draft so far with interested work colleagues. Some of the responses I have been receiving from them has had a substantial effect. In fact, I wish I shared my work sooner. Seeing someone eager to read more and pick up on the nuances of your work just makes me all the more determined to continue. It has a stronger effect than reading someone's comments on a webpage. Which I still appreciate, but when you can see the excitement in a person's body language and tone of voice, it gives you shivers. I am not getting ahead of myself here though, the feedback has been positive, but I also expect there to be critical responses in the future. In the end, I hope to publish the story and get it out into the world. I am taking it one day at a time, but the progress made and feedback so far has made me excited and hope to get it released in the coming months. 

Watch this space...
Special announcement for those concerned!

Frenzy is being reset!

So...what does this mean exactly? Well, for the best part of a few months I've been toying with the idea of turning Frenzy into an original property. That way it means it is no longer tied into the Marvel franchise as a fan creation. There will be no avoiding the origins of the character and how she came to be almost ten years ago - that will remain forever in the history of Regina and Frenzy. But with new ideas growing in my mind and the lack of ties to the Spider-Man/Marvel universe, I felt it be better if I strike out with the concept on it's own. Topics on second-skins and the like are still on the menu for Frenzy, she is not changing much in that regard. Most characters are getting a remodel, tweaking and changing designs and backstories to tie in with the new ideas.

This also means a complete reboot of the story itself! Whilst Dive, my other project, is technically on hold, what I really want to do is publish a series of novellas for Frenzy. If they're successful...who knows? Perhaps there'll be even more stories about Regina, Veronica, Zoe and the like! I've poured hundreds, thousands of my hard-earned money into bringing these characters to life in text and illustrations and will continue to. However, I feel it also necessary that I feel rewarded for such efforts. Comments and favourites are always appreciated and there will be a few more free pieces of content released on here down the lines. But, when it comes down to it, when the novella is finished, there will be an 'entry-fee' as it were. What I don't want to do is retell the exact same story as to what I did with Origins. So I am taking this very seriously as I do not wish to charge people for something they've read blow-for-blow already. Of course I will take inspiration and ideas from what I wrote in that story, but I will endeavor to make an original piece of fiction to enjoy.

BiscuitDude's Schtuff Box!



she mask
Sat Jan 30, 2016, 2:06 AM
she mask alex ok
Sat Apr 4, 2015, 12:33 AM
I like your works. Pretty cool !!!!
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 3:29 AM
hey what's up man ?
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 3:28 AM
Great work on the Splatterhouse story. That's a great concept!!!
Fri Jan 16, 2015, 5:16 PM


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