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May 16, 2011
Stamp Template by *Birvan Suggesters Words: It's true there are a LOT of stamp templates out on the market now-a-days, but I believe this one is a cut about the rest. From multiple shine/shade options, to many different background and edge effects, this stamp template gives you hundreds of possibilities for all those special stamps we love to make and use.
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Stamp Template

[UPDATE]: Apr 17t, 2010

I found the templates available a bit limited, so I decided to make my own

It has:
- 4 outside borders (the white piece of the stamp)
- 6 inside borders (the edge between the white and the stamp)
- 3 inside corners
- 12 stripes textures (both highlight and shadow versions)
- 13 lighting effects
- Inner glow and shadow
- 4 other effects (all in 3 different sizes)
- Text
- Stamp background
- DA colored background

What's :new::
- 1 new border
- the 3 inside corners
- 8 new textures
- 10 new lightings
- the 4 other effects

Everything is organized into folders and are fully customizable. You can change their colors, opacity and layer effects and duplicate them to best suit your needs
And (for those who don't know) the ones with the lock symbol mean you can change the color without having to worry with painting outside the lines

Click Download to access the Photoshop file

Free of use. All I ask is to have a link back to the template so other people can find it
Also drop a comment with a link to your stamp if possible. I would love to see what people come up with

P.S: If you are looking for a particular effect feel free to suggest it and I'll see what I can do


[EDIT, 17th May 11]: I nearly collapsed when I noticed this became a DD 0_o!! A template of all things!!!

Also read this if you want to know more about stamp making. It's an interesting read =)
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Umm what is a PSD file? and how would i open it?
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PSD file is a file that you can edit only using photoshop :)
DamonenKonig's avatar
Oh i Don't Have PhotoShop! But i can use Gimp since Gimp opens PSD Files
Ulfeid3's avatar
Oh yeah you can use it too! ^_^ I forgot to mention XD
DamonenKonig's avatar
Well im glad i can make you remember about that! XD
DeltaFang8521's avatar
This is kind of cool! =D
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Corona Stamp by RainbowPrismDragon
Here's my stamp!
It's my first one, so it kinda looks like crap...
tallydraws's avatar
Using this, thanks for making it!
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Thanks for the template! As requested, here is a link to what I made with it:  It's A Trap! Stamp by JuliusMabe
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This is amazing! Thank you so much :heart:
LovelyLycan's avatar
Thank you for the template! I'm using this template here: Corgi stamp by LovelyLycan
TheSouthernNerd's avatar
All kinds of thanks :)
PrinceOscar's avatar
I tried to do something even though it isn't very good:
TheCyberKiller's avatar
thanks for the template
FantasyChandellier's avatar
Thank you for the template
crazytreasurestudio's avatar
Thank you for the template!
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